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Shadow, the box jenny

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1 Shadow, the box jenny on Fri May 27, 2016 6:07 pm

Name (Shadow)
SL Login Name Morgancnm
Age 23
Languages Spoken, Common, feral
Gender female
Species/Race donky
Cutie Mark (If Applicable) n/a
Allegiance/Faction (If Applicable) n/a
Appearance (grey black donky, with dark navy blue hair)
Character Tagged Skills (big guns, explosives, medicine)
Character Perks - General/ Don't Worry I'm an Expert, Jury Rigging, Grunt
Character Perks - Racial/ Raise That Barn, Healing of the Mother Earth, Juggerpony
Starting Gear (t5 armor, t5 ranged, t5 mele, t5 special)
Biography/Brief History
Shadow comes from a old water tower village, her mother had been long since lost and presumed dead after her birth. Her father took care of her, taught her how to tinker and fix things and they lived a good early life but it was broken when raiders came, enslaving or slaughtering all her town and taking her prisoner. Eventually she came to meet a old ghoul that became her aunt, the ghoul protected her, took car eof her and everything, some believing the jenny the only thing keeping the ghoul from going feral.
Over time as the jenny grew older the ghoul hatched a plan that allowed the jenny to escape, though not without running into the raiders boss that thanks to her old railway rifle, she was able to put a spike between his eyes, she even keeping his mask as a trophy and reminder of the past as she ran off, the sounds of fighting ringing in her ears as she heard her poor aunts cries for her to run among it all.
After that she mainly kept to herself, hence the name shadow as most just thought she was a shadow, going from town to town, hole to hole and rock until years later she came to find diablo canyon, she made a home there but soon even that fell to a giant sinkhole, she sticking with green hoof to the new town and yet once again raiders found that too. Now shes come to be with the group in the wastes, though she laged behind for personal reasons and finally just caught up. What is instore for her no one knows, but she has a chipper demeaner about it and pushes onward.

She also has a love of boxes, kinda quirky.

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2 Re: Shadow, the box jenny on Sat May 28, 2016 7:28 pm


Character Approved 5/28/16
Data migrated to Server...

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