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Character Profille: North Star

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1 Character Profille: North Star on Fri May 27, 2016 3:05 pm

Name: North Star
SL: Streephan
Age: Uknown
Languages Spoken:
Common, Feral
Gender: Female
Species/Race Dragony - Unicorn
Cutie Mark : A Black dragon encircling a  crystal snow flake
Allegiance/Faction : N/A

Character Tagged Skills Magic: Elementalism,Melee,Unarmed.
Character Perks - General
Select 3: Abomination Hunter,Tribal Warrior,fluttershy's apostle (( fear/ intimidation based))
Character Perks - Racial
Select 3:Mighty Spell,Expert Spells,Powerful Caster
Starting Gear : 5 special
Biography/Brief History:
Her exact start to her existance is unknown to many not even she is entirely sure her earliest memory being of a brown coated golden maned unicorn stallion called golden rays,finding her left in a box as a small foal/ hatchling from there she would be at his side aiming to help the wastes any way they could he even teaching her how to use the magic of her unicorn half, till the fatefull day he decided he could do more as part of the reapers and went about trying to prove himself strong enough.
but alll did not go to plan as while she sat watching in the stands he was fatilly wounded by a larger reaper in combat and killed sending  the young north into an un consolable rage,
she ending up locked up and lost beneath the stadium for many years her only comapny being a metal maned buck with a split personalty by the name of blademane and  an always hungry yet very flirtatios earthen ghoul by the name of bio hazzard.

eventualy realising they couldent keep them locked up down there forever with the amount they ate between them and the fear of noth escaping  and causing more dammage  the three were made reapers and sent form the city to do their work in the wastes, at first all seemed to go well the two smaller of the group doing as told by north due to both respect and fear for the large creature, till one mission they were told was to be a simple scaring of some slavers that had made a camp too close to a nautral town.

but unbeknownst to the it was not slavers but undercover enclave that had planned to begin experiments on the town and they were met with a barrage of lazor fire and small shock wave explosives from the enclave party, the first to fall was bio hazzerd being a very flamable ghoul despite her suit she always wore she stood no chance agaisnt the high power lazors the next to go was blademane he badly injured and fleeing into the wastes to be presumed dead leaving north to stand over the dead body of the ghoul angry and distraught as a shock grenade went off near her causing the ground to collapse as she fell into old sand dog tunnels out of sight of the enclave.

lost, alone and unsure what to do with out the only friends she had left she wandered heading further and further south unable to bring her self to go back to the hoof where all those memories lingered while lost and looking for purpose she came across many more ponies but the wastes were lesss then kinda always seperating her from those she grew even slightly close to, till she eventualy avoided allowing her self to get attached to others.

eventualy her adventures led her to a small canyon at the end of the  line here she seemed to settle were she faced many battles found and lost many friends even  her wings lost to alicorn attac,k she watched as love came and went till battles from local factions raged to the point the city became destroyed they having to flee to a large city to the far south of the continant.

once in the city despite the loss of her wings and feeling prety much alone  despite becoming part of the local law enforcement she kept going trying to do as her past companions would of wanted keeping ponies safe, it is this that led her to be captured not long after arriving in the city, healing from the alicorns still she was  ti by a lucky shot in her damaged ribs by unaturaly strong feral pony leaving her body and  spirit weakened but refused to rest.

one day while patrolling outside the city she spotted a large group of slavers setting up camp this was bad news for the city and it's ponies and she could not risk running back to try find  reinforcements soo decided to try scare them off her self for the msot part it seemed to work till she was hit by something heavy and all fell to black.

when she awoke she lay in the middle of the desert an old friend and some edgy looking strangers gathered near her inthe coart yard of an old motel her neck fur scortched and memories fuzzy as to how she got there or  what had happened after she blacked out.

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