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Character profile: Duals

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1Character profile: Duals Empty Character profile: Duals on Thu May 26, 2016 11:44 pm

SL Login Name: jeshimidou
Age: unknown
Languages Spoken: common, changeling
Gender; mostly female
Species/Race : changeling
Cutie Mark: none
Allegiance/Faction: none
Appearance: Character profile: Duals It_00110Character profile: Duals It2_0010
Character Tagged Skills: Medicine, smalls gun, sneak
Character Perks - General: Grunt, Fast Metabolism, Field Medic
Character Perks - Racial: Champion of the Hive , Captain of the Guard, Split Personality
Starting Gear T5 ranged
Biography/Brief History: Duals was a scout for her hive collecting love. After a long time of this, she became tired of this, so she turned her back on her hive and set out to travel. On her travels, she was attacked by an earth pony which she killed. She took the form of the pony and found out it was a mother. She used the form of the mother and fed on the filly's love for her mother for several years but then they were attacked by a changeling from her old hive. She sent the child away while she fought off the changeling. After that, she searched for the child which bring her to Roanoak. She watched over Molotov, the child, day to day in different forms.
When the town became unstable, she went up to Molotov and offered to help her get out of town.

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2Character profile: Duals Empty Re: Character profile: Duals on Thu Jun 02, 2016 9:37 pm


Character Approved 6/2/16
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