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Character profile: Jessedo

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1 Character profile: Jessedo on Thu May 26, 2016 11:05 pm

SL Login Name: jeshimidou
Age: 20
Languages Spoken: Common, feral
Gender: female
Species/Race: unicorn
Cutie Mark : none
Allegiance/Faction: Anyone who don't hurt her
Character Tagged Skills: Magic: Healing, Medicine, Science
Character Perks - General : advanced spells, mighty spell, noble blooded
Character Perks - Racial : jury rigging, a little dash, medical engineer
Starting Gear: T5 special
Biography/Brief History: Jessedo grew up in a small settlement of nothing but earth ponies. She was made fun of for being the only unicorn staying in town. She was taken under the wing of the town's repair pony. There she learned how to built and repair weapons and armor. Once she turned 18, she traveled around. While on her travels, she learned that she was pretty good at healing, so she set out to find somewhere where she could do some good. She came across a town called Diablo Canyon and settled in. She helped up a earth pony who was really nice to her named Molotov. She stuck with Molotov when they moved to Roanoak.
While in Roanoak, she worked for the clinic in town and worked on her healing skills but once the town became unstable, she evacuated with Molotov.

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