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Character Application: Orange "O" Peel

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1Character Application: Orange "O" Peel Empty Character Application: Orange "O" Peel on Tue Dec 13, 2016 3:17 pm

Character: Orange "O" Peel

SL Login Name: Derpanater

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Race: Earth Pony

Cutie Mark: A balancing scale with oranges on each end.

Allegiance/Faction: None

Character Application: Orange "O" Peel _o__orange_peel_by_dronehunter19-dantswk

Starting Gear: T3 Armor, T2 Ranged

Character Skills: Small Guns, Speech, Survival

General Perks: Counter Canter, Finesse, Stalliongrad Roulette

Racial Perks: Move Like Water, Way of the Fruit, Shake it Off

Languages Spoken: Common

Brief History:
Open a dictionary to the word "confident" and you will find an image Orange Peel about a few pages further under the word "foolhardy."

Born and raised in Stable 47, much of Orange Peel's life was filled with bored conversations and sitting around, stuffing his face with something unhealthy. Then one day he dared to have an intimate moment with the Overmare's daughter, a childhood friend of his, and was soon kicked out (mostly at gun point) upon her mother finding out. The fact they did the deed on her desk didn't help his defense. His lack survival skills would have ensured his doom if hadn't run into some friendly wastelanders that ended becoming local heroes of his stable, with him riding on their coat tails for credit.

He has since gained a wanderlust for the world and finds time to make travels in the San Polomino Desert when he can. This particular trip finds him further from home than usual.

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2Character Application: Orange "O" Peel Empty Re: Character Application: Orange "O" Peel on Thu Dec 15, 2016 7:49 pm

Character probated, 2016-12-15

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