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Character App: Vigil

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1Character App: Vigil Empty Character App: Vigil on Tue Dec 06, 2016 5:55 pm

NOTE: I would like to replace Mocha with this character, since plans for playing the moo sorta tanked.

Name (Character): "Vigil"

SL Login Name: Ota.Silversten

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Species/Race: Earth Pony

Cutie Mark (If Applicable):
Character App: Vigil 65b10e7313
Allegiance/Faction: N/A

Appearance (Image or short description.):
Character App: Vigil 8b3d07552c

Starting Gear (Maximum of 5 points worth.):

5 Special

Character Perks - General (Select 3.):

Hunter Killer: (+5) hit chance (For Ranged, Melee, and Explosive attacks)

Jury-Rigging: Players with this perk may combine three items of the same tier (only two must be the same type of item) to create one single item of a higher tier.

Don't Worry, I'm an Expert: Permits character to create AOE explosives by sacrificing tiered items. May also rig up explosives.

Character Perks - Racial (Select 3.):

Jack-of-All-Apples:(+5) to all skill based rolls.

Shake It Off: At any point a condition affects you, roll 50 or higher (after modifiers) to negate the Condition.

Mad Bomber!: (+5) hit chance with AoE explosives.

Character Skills (Select 3.):


Languages spoken: Common, Zebrican

Biography/Brief History:

Vigil doesn't really have much of a story he cares to share, or at least not one he finds special. Anybody that's asked, it's simply been just another wasteland tragedy that left him a lone survivor and vagrant. He was born a colt. He's lived the typical wastelander life of ups and downs. His cutey mark appeared while he was fussing with a lockbox he that no one else he could break into and succeeded where they couldn't. Ever since then, folks started giving him whatever locked junk they could find to see if he could crack it open. Failures came more often than not, so that was weird as far as dedicated talents went. The mark having glow to it as if enchanted was also weird. Maybe a hint of something he was missing as far as his talent went. Who knew? He stopped caring, really. Eventually everyone around him did too.

Annoyingly, it didn't stop them from placing bets on seeing what he could open up; but at least being the town's locksmith was decent work for caps. His cut of winnings from gambles wasn't that bad either.

In any case, he eventually lost all his immediate family in a mix of wasteland troubles, and bears little to no grudges for it. Ever since the loss and with nothing else to keep him in town, he took to wandering the wastelands in search of a new place and purpose. Tumbleweed's more or less just another stop on that road.

...oh yes, and on a sidenote, he also may or may not be passive-aggressive and outlawed in a few neighboring locales due to incidents involving larceny, arcen, and "unwarranted vigilantism". But meh, details.

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Character Probated, 2016-12-06

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