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System Changes

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1System Changes Empty System Changes on Thu May 26, 2016 4:17 pm


I will make note of game-play changes here, and then update the Game Mechanics Forums to reflect those changes.

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Added new Chems you can craft:
T1 Rad X--Immunity to Radiation Damage for two turns!
T2 Rad Away-- -200 Rads

Why? Because Radiation Sickness is back!
For every turn you're in Radiation, gain 100 rads, effects as follows;

  • Radsickness (Minor) 200 Rads -10 to all rolls.
  • Radsickness (Considerable) 400 Rads -20 to all rolls.
  • Radsickness (Major) 600 Rads -30 to all rolls.
  • Radsickness (Terminal) 800 Rads -40 to all rolls.
  • Radsickness (Death's Door) 1000 Rads -50 to all rolls. Possible Ghoulification/Death

There are now repercussions for bathing in the glow of Atom! Praised be!

New, revamped Status Effects! Now, even more of your suffering is quantified in imaginary numbers!

  • Bleed:
    Inflicted by: Skills/Special Circumstance.
    Effect: -5 HP Debuff to heals until 5 HP has been healed.

  • Paralyzed:
    Inflicted by: Perks/Skills
    Effect: Lose one turn.

  • Knocked Down:
    Inflicted by: Perks/Skills
    Effect: Costs Movement action to recover. +5 to be hit until you get up, -5 to hit for the turn you get up.

  • Poisoned:
    Inflicted by: Perks/NPCs
    Effect: -10 to attack rolls for two turns. -1 HP per turn for two turns.
    Note: Curable with (T4) Panacea

  • Blindness:
    Inflicted by: Perks/NPC/Environment (Dark locations)
    Effect:-25 to Hit for the next turn.

  • Burning:
    Inflicted by: Skills/Environment--Passing through fire
    Effect: -1 HP per number of turns equal to the tier of the explosive/attack used. (If the fire is environmental, Burning lasts until cured)
    Note: Can be cured by using Any Beverage in your inventory/any nearby body of water/fire extinguisher (or by skipping a turn to stop, drop, and roll.)

  • Falling Damage:
    Inflicted by: Gravity
    20% HP damage per 10 meters fallen.

  • Sickness:
    This encompasses all manner of sickness, be it flu, mange, stomach flu. You can contract Sickness during Adventures by failing a resistance roll, Base difficulty 40. Hosts may, at some point, ask you to roll a D100 to see if you contract a sickness. Curable with a T1 Antibiotic/Unicorn spell or waiting 3 days.
    ((If you want to be sick for storyline purposes, then you can contract any illness you choose, and have it be cured whenever.))
    -1 Dice to skill rolls made.

  • Disease:
    Infectious diseases, horrible, debilitating, and possibly deadly. Again, you can contract a disease by failing a resistance roll during an Adventure or event, Base Difficulty 50. Hosts may, at some point, ask you to roll a D100 to see if you contract a sickness. Curable with a T3 Vaccination or a Unicorn Healing spell.
    ((If part of your character is based around having a debilitating disease/condition, then they will likely have adapted to it, and will not suffer mechanically for storyline purposes.))
    -1 Melee, -1 Ranged, -2 Dice to all skill rolls made.

    Viewable here; http://foejourneys.forumotion.com/t33-status-effects

Other new Craftable items!

  • Healing Items:
  • (T1) Antibiotics: Cures Sickness
  • (T3) Vaccination: Cures Disease
  • (T4) Panacea: Cures all Sickness/Disease and Clears all Rads

New Crafting Perk!
Tastes Good to Me: Permits character to create Beverages and Food by sacrificing Raw Materials.

Craft you some food stuffs.

  • (T1) Dirty Water
  • (T2) Clean Water
  • (T3) Sparkle Cola
  • (T4) Coffee
  • (T5) Buzzing Bucks Energy Shot
  • (T1) Bucksnack
  • (T2) Field Rations
  • (T3) Home Cooked Meal
  • (T4) Fancy Cuisine
  • (T5) Perfectly Preserved Pie

These food items restore AP and HP! Of course, this means another change--You no longer regen AP at the end of a scene--You must use items, but, you naturally regen 20% AP per day, just like with HP!

Check it out here; http://tinyurl.com/jjrynwa
Higher tier Raw Materials can now be broken down to their lesser Tiers, just place a Transaction Receipt.

  • Perk Changes!
    General Perks:

    • Demolitions Expert--Removed. Splash Damage does the same thing, except better!
    • Dust in The Eyes--Changed Effect, inflicting Blindness instead, and requiring a roll to hit. ((But now your allies can attack them!))
    • Explodey Mcgee--No Longer affects the Explosives skill Molotov.
    • Ghost--Not grants +10 to all Sneak Skill rolls
    • Robotics Expert Rank 1 & 2 Merged, It might make the Perk a little on the strong side, but other perks will be adjusted to come in line.
    • Saboteur--Wording changed to reflect the use of the Perk.
    • "Party" Pony--Buffed to allow you to negate the negative effects of one chem taken during a scene, does not affect Med-X
    • Don't Worry, I'm an Expert -- Added the ability to rig up explosives.
    • Angel of Deception -- changed to add an additional Dice to Bluff Checks.
    • Medical Engineer folded into Pharmacist -- Explsoves crafters are gaining the ability to rig their own craftables, so, too, shall medics.

    Check it out here; http://tinyurl.com/hynunv6

    Racial Perks:

    • Earth Pony:
      Unstoppable Force--Changed to once per scene, and made multi-target as follows: Once per scene: Roll a 60 or higher to charge through solid cover/objects. Any targets between you and the object take (+1) melee damage.

    • Unicorns:
      Thaumaturgist--Updated to be in line with Pharmicist
      Powerful Caster--Now affects Arcane Weapon
      Resilient Horn-- Now once per scene.

    • Ghouls:
      Radboom--Size of radpool increased to 5m
      Reaver--Can now be used to augment a ranged attack
      Glowing One-- Changed to include emitting radiation! Emit 10 rads per turn naturally, 3m radius around you. ((Radsuits required at formal events!))

    • Zebra:
      Tribal Traditionalist: -- Wording changed for clarity
      Perfect Dosage: Changed--When crafting a consumable item, you craft an additional item of the same tier for free.

    • Batpony:
      Nocturnal--Changed bonus to being in darkness, instead of being at night.

    • Robot:
      Behind Me, Meatbag-- You count as cover for others, and can take cover.
      Gravity Generator-- Changed wording for clarity.
      Automatic Repair Systems--Functionality added. When HP is full, regen AP at 20% per 2 hour block. ((This perk is so robots are not dependent on items, so, now, it's been updated to reflect this.))

Check it out here: http://tinyurl.com/zm9a83t

  • Skill Changes:

    • Explosive:
      Trip Mine--Cost Reduced to 2: Difficulty 40 ((Now to see some mine fields!))
      Bomb Lobber-- Cost Reduced to 3: Difficulty 50
      Molotov-- Now inflicts Burning, no longer benefits from Explodey Mcgee.

    • Medicine:
      Helping Hoof--Now clears all status effects, excluding Sickness and Disease. ((No one had this before, so now, it's pretty useful!))
      Second Opinion--Cost Reduced to 3: Difficulty 50. ((Great for skill checks out of combat!))
      Medevac--Cost Reduced to 3: Difficulty 50. ((No one ever used it before...))
      Amatuer Surgeon-- Can now be used out of combat. ((Why not?))
      Blood Transfusion--Reduced Cost to 4: Difficulty 60  ((Now more folks'll get it as an alternative to Amatuer surgeon for sure!))
      Combat Medic--Cost increased to 6: Difficulty 80 ((It's too powerful and too widely used, so, costs more.))

    • Flight:
      Afterburners-- Skill nerfed. Attacks made while utilizing this skill incur -10 penalty. ((A Sneak skill did the same thing, cost more, but had a -20 to be hit. Figured this required some balance.))

    • Science:
      Remote Detonation--Cost Reduced to 3: Difficulty 50 ((Functionality added, cost reduced.))
      Spot Weld-- Can now be used outside of battle. ((Robots have little access to repair otherwise!))

    • Big Guns:
      Big Hot Barrel--Cost reduced to 3: Difficulty 50

    • Energy Guns:
      Laser Bayonet--Cost Reduced to 3: Difficulty 50

    • Melee:
      Slice--Buffed to +10 to hit.

    • Unarmed:
      Swipe-- Buffed to +10 to hit.

    Check it out here: http://tinyurl.com/zn78ftv

New Skill Checks!
The old way we handled skill rolls and mechanics made non-combat characters feel like they weren't contributing as much to an Adventure, now, skills are more involved and are a great place for jolly co-operations! This new system is experimental, like all changes, so expect tweaks.

  • Mechanic: Knowledge Checks

    Your characters are more than just combat perks and gear tiers, you have knowledge. A drop of this can overwhelm an army of force, and it's encouraged to try to observe your surroundings and think. Knowledge checks exist so you can ask the Host of an Adventure for hints on how to proceed, or even discover something interesting about the lore of an area! Knowledge checks are supposed to be a key to open new doors and opportunities for characters and their players to interact with the world, and Hosts of adventures and players are encouraged to use the mechanic to enhance RP and to 'get unstuck' if they have no clue what to do in a given situation.

    Roll 1D100, a critical failure results in a headache. Anything above 50 is a 'Hint Worthy' success. Anything over 90, and you might get some interesting exposition. A critical success and you might just open a whole new branch to the story.
    Note: If your character has the Tagged Skill or is a member of the Race next to the appropriate 'Knowledge' type, gain +10 to your roll, this bonus stacks. Certain perks that add bonuses to skill checks of an appropriate Tagged Skill apply to the corresponding knowledge checks. (Example: Jack of All Apples grants +5 to all Skill Based Rolls.)

    Ballistics(Big Guns/Small Guns/Gryphon)
    Knowledge of weaponry that lays down lead, as well as its capabilities.

    Knowledge of chemical compositions, materials, and reactivity.

    Knowledge on the little known historical facts of history, deeper than the big picture.

    Knowledge of treatments and diseases.

    Knowledge of spells, rituals, and traditions.

    Not necessarily a knowledge type, but a reflection of how observant you are. Used to spot things of interest.

    Survival (Melee/Unarmed/Earth Pony)
    Knowledge of surviving in the wasteland. What plants are poisonous, where to find certain items, and what's dangerous.

    Knowledge of reading a situation and how to best approach it.

    Technology(Science/Energy Guns/Robot)
    Knowledge of applied sciences, computers, and robotics.

    Knowledge on local customs, street gangs, the value of items, and rumors on the streets.

    Mechanics: Skillcheck
    To perform a Skillcheck, you first announce what you will be attempting in your post(Adding it in brackets at the end of your post really helps.)
    Note: Some perks/chems grant bonuses to skillchecks.

    Then roll 5D100.

    • Every roll over 50(After modifiers) is counted as a success
    • Every roll over 90(After modifiers) counts as two successes.
    • A roll of 100(Before Modifiers) means it's a Miraculous Success. (Usually instant unless stated otherwise.)
    • A single roll of 1 means it's a Critical Failure. (A roll of 100 with negate a roll of 1)
    • For every creature with the same Tagged Skill as you offering assistance you may either add an additional D100 or +5 to every roll.

    Note: Some Skillchecks require the spending of raw materials.

    Lock Picking:
    Requires Tagged Skill: Sneak
    Requires a Lockpick/Bobbypin(T1 Raw Material) Failure to pick a lock or a roll of 1 breaks the Lockpick.

    • Tier 3 Lock: 2 Successes
    • Tier 4 Lock: 3 Successes
    • Tier 5 Lock: 4 Successes
    • Tier 6 Lock: 5 Successes

    Failure to pick a lock breaks the lockpick(Lose one T1 Raw Material)
    Critical Failure breaks the lockpick and increases the Lock Tier by 1

    Requires Tagged Skill: Science
    Allows you to access terminals and recover restricted information or unlock magnetically locked security doors/vaults.

    • Tier 3 Encryption: 2 Successes
    • Tier 4 Encryption: 3 Successes
    • Tier 5 Encryption: 4 Successes
    • Tier 6 Encryption: 5 Successes

    Miraculous Success grants permanent access
    Success grants access to the terminal's information/functions
    Critical Failure results in permanent lockout from the terminal
    Failure results in needing to attempt again at +1 Encryption tier difficulty

    Requires Tagged Skill: Sneak
    (Pickpocket is treated as a combat roll, and is covered under Combat Mechanics: Misc)

    Requires Race: Changeling
    Requires: Physically disguising character
    The ability to mask your appearance from detection of those looking for you.

    • Tier 0 Disguise: 1 Success (A fake mustache, still requiring a Detection roll)
    • Tier 1 Disguise: 2 Successes
    • Tier 2 Disguise: 3 Successes
    • Tier 3 Disguise: 4 Successes
    • Tier 4 Disguise: 5 Successes
    • Tier 5 Disguise: 6 Successes

    Each Success counts towards a Tier of Disguise
    Miraculous Success is an automatic Tier 5 Disguise
    Failure (0 Successes) results in the disguise not being applied
    Critical Failure results in a disguise that will be immediately detectable
    Changelings always start with 2 successes
    For every Tier of Disguise, the difficulty of Detection increases by 5
    A Disguise lasts one scene, and must be re-applied at the beginning of each new scene.
    You may opt to not roll additional dice once you achieve the Tier of Disguise you desire.
    IE; Changelings never have to roll if they merely wish to have a Tier 1 disguise.

    Detection Disguise:
    Treated as a combat roll(Roll To-Hit), and may be rolled with reasonable suspicion.
    Difficulty=What must be rolled to Hit target character modified by +5 for every Disguise Tier

    Disarm Explosive:
    Requires Tagged Skill: Explosives
    Allows the disarming of planted explosives, mines, and other traps.
    The difficulty of the Disarm is equal to the tier of the trap's Tier(Explosive or otherwise)

    • Tier 1 Explosive/Trap: 1 Success
    • Tier 2 Explosive/Trap: 2 Successes
    • Tier 3 Explosive/Trap: 3 Successes
    • Tier 4 Explosive/Trap: 4 Successes
    • Tier 5 Explosive/Trap: 5 Successes
    • Tier 6 Explosive/Trap: 6 Successes
    • Tier 7 Explosive/Trap: 7 Successes
    • Tier 8 Explosive/Trap: 8 Successes

    Success disarms the trap
    Miraculous Success disarms the trap and adds it to your inventory as Raw Material equal to trap Tier.
    Failure to disarm the trap sets off the trap, dealing full damage to those in the affected area.
    Critical Failure sets off the trap, dealing double damage to those in the affected area.

    Requires General Perk: Rigging
    Requires Tagged Skill: Science
    Allows the repair, restoration, or construction of defensible walls, doors, and equipment.
    When a faction base, home, or other similar structure/equipment is damaged in battle, it will require repair.

    • Tier 3 Defenses: 2 Successes
    • Tier 4 Defenses: 3 Successes
    • Tier 5 Defenses: 4 Successes
    • Tier 6 Defenses: 5 Successes

    -Each repair attempt costs 1 Tier 1 Raw Material(Or equivalent value worth of Raw Materials) per Tier of Defense, and for each Rigger lending aid, an additional Tier 1 Raw Material must be spent.
    -To construct a defensible wall/structure, the equivalent Raw Material Tier must be used. IE; to make a wall/door/cover resistant to Explosive up to Tier 3, a Tier 3 Raw Material must be used.
    -Constructing new defenses requires one less success than repairing old ones(While repairing old defenses is far cheaper)
    -Improving existing structures requires said structure to be a Faction base and costs Leadership Points found in Faction Bonuses.
    -Repairing Faction Defenses requires materials the same way existing structures can be repaired.
    -Repair only fixes one structure at a time.

    Strength Check
    Treated as combat roll, 50 base + 10 per increments of 10 feet leapt. -10 Base difficulty to Earth Ponies. ((Use common sense, if the gaps not a huge chasm, don't bother rolling.))
    If it it an object your character would be able to move/lift normally, do not bother rolling(Be reasonable, use common sense. Some characters/races are stronger than others)
    If extra effort is required, reference below:
    Roll 5D100

    • For every success, you are able to lift/drag 100 pounds.
    • For every Critical Success, you lift/drag 200 pounds.
    • For every Miraculous success, you lift/drag 300 pounds.

    Failure results in the object not being moved.
    -A critical failure results in taking 1 damage.

    If you are an Earth Pony/Robot add 1 Dice or add 10 to every roll.
    Add 1 Dice or +5 to each roll for every character offering assistance

    Bluff Check
    Requirement: Speech
    Your ability to bargain with, lie to, or press for information. Useful only on NPC characters/Merchants.

    • 2 Successes: Small Discount/Embellished Truth/Common Information
    • 3 Successes: Moderate Discount/White Lie/Uncommon Information
    • 4 Successes: Large Discount/Tall Tale/Guarded Information
    • 5 Successes: Free Item/Unbelievable Claims/Secret Information

    For every pony backing up your claim, even if they don't have Speech tagged, +5 for each roll
    For every pony with speech tagged assisting you, roll an additional D100
    Anyone may attempt to Bluff check, but at at an increased difficulty of +1 success necessary
    -If the NPC is biased against you, increase the difficulty of each success to 60
    -If the NPC hates you, +1 success roll is necessary at 60 difficulty per success.
    -If the NPC is biased towards you, decrease the difficulty of each roll to 40
    -If the NPC is Friendly, -1 success necessary at 40 difficulty per success
    Those controlling the NPC (Host/Merchant) may choose to ignore this mechanic for the sake of a story/scene.
    Note: Good roleplay trumps this mechanic. Period.

    Viewable here;

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Seems like we need some Clarification on Skillchecks;

Knowledge Checks
Example: (Survival)
Only require the roll of 1D100

Example: (Hacking, lockpicking, ect)
Require 5D100 with multiple successes depending on Difficulty of the given task.

Is supposed to be debilitating, but also, only a constant in the pitch black (Can be overcome by a flashlight) Last only for a turn at a time (Sand in the eyes, gotta rub it out). Originally only one perk caused any kind of blind effect, and that made you skip your attack entirely, but somehow, made it so no one could attack you for whatever reason. This change has made it so you can still, on an off chance hit something while under its effects, and can be overcome with good roleplay or creativity. (A flashlight, goggles, ect)

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Adventures posted in the Adventures section! Now, you too can run your own events!
Viewable here: http://tinyurl.com/hvmbj2t

  • Adventures

    "I ran my tongue along my teeth, spitting out grit and blood, washing down the rest with the swill afforded from the saloon's shifty bartender. The Caravan had set up for the night here, for a spell. Not like we could go much further after raiders killed the pack Brahmin, Bessie. Tilting the brim of your hat over your eyes, you regarded your bottle with reverence while the hollering from a room upstairs grew in volume. With a sudden crash, somewhere, a door flew open and another soon followed as one of your employer's unconscious body crashed through your table, having been tossed from the balcony upstairs. He was a fey, spritely unicorn, not built for fighting, but the pay was nice, and so was he. Grunting in annoyance, you rose from your seat just as the foolish brute that had accosted your boss announced himself from the broken railing. "That's what you get, you disgustin' lil colt cuddler! I aughtta do worse!" He was a burly, thick, black coated Earth Stallion with heavy brows the bunched up the flesh right between his eyes. A perfect place for the tip of a bullet to nestle, mine in particular. I drew iron with tempered patience and cocked the hammer back and it flew forward like a striking rattlesnake...

    Hell, like I said, the stallion's nice enough, and so's the pay. That qualifies as a good pony in my book, and me? I can appreciate a good thing. Good things like collecting the belongings of the black stallion that just threatened the purse strings. Just more perks of the job, I guess."

    There are three types of "Adventures"

    Personal Adventures:
    You set an objective for yourself - something that your character desires to achieve, such as translating a tome or exploring a new location. Perhaps even make a map of the whole known world?
    "My eyes scanned the page, bathed only by the light of a flickering lantern. It was hard to discern anything from the blood-stained pages of my late father's journal, hoping to find some context or clue I've over-looked. I cursed under my breath, rubbing my sore and tired eyes with a hoof, mopping the sweat from my brow with a dusty fetlock. The ledger was indecipherable, I could barely make out my sister's name, let alone how much she fetched at the auction. such a graceful, frail thing wouldn't last long in such a state, but she'd already outlived our late father, I'd made sure. Perhaps doing so had doomed her, my only hope was to find a unicorn Cantrip specialist to restore the book, and then, maybe I had a shot at seeing her again. tossing the book onto the heap of my things, I killed the light on my lantern and laid down to rest. Tomorrow was another day, and hopefully, it would be another day closer to reuniting with my kin..."

    Hosted Adventures:
    A Mission created by another player for others to partake, like a job protecting a Caravan on a journey or hunting down a dangerous bounty. These require approval, and come with the chance of loot, combat, creative solutions, and puzzles. Creativity is encouraged for these missions, as they recall the old days of DnD, sitting down with friends to plunder a dungeon or save the family farm. These are far more complex and require knowledge of the system as well as the ability to control the breathing world around the Players engaged in your Adventure.
    "The settlement is in ruins, and lumber to rebuild is scarce, living in the desert. The town's mayor, Mr. Quickquil is offering 350 Caps per pony that assists in clearing out and restoring the machinery at a lumber mill up river. It seems like just the job for a small group of Wastelanders, question is, who is going to take it? And in the end, will it be worth the caps you're being paid?"

    Grand Adventures
    These are Adventures hosted by staff, offering the highest rewards, but the highest risk of failure.

    What Makes A Good Adventure?

    • Quality Roleplay
    • Good Storytelling
    • Creative Solutions
    • Involves Others
    • Conflict (Not necessarily combat)
    • Part of an Arc (A series of Adventures)

    Adventures do not need to have all of these parts, but those with the highest rewards will. An Adventure about a personal journey is fine, but you won't get a large reward.

    The goal is to encourage people to think about new ways to earn character progression (Caps or gear) by doing really cool and interesting roleplay, rather than just going out into the wastes and trying to find loot from nodes. How you are rewarded depends on the Adventure type, Personal Adventures pay out at the conclusion of the story, and anypony that assisted you will be eligible for reward. Hosted Adventures have the chance for much higher pay-outs, and Hosts are encouraged to get Administration involved to hide small rewards along the way(Place loot boxes in areas following the path of the adventure, or even behind puzzles), ending in a larger reward at the conclusion.

    Rewards are at the discretion of the Administration, not the Hosts, unless the Hosts are also Admin.

    Note: Hosts may bend or "Flex-In" some rules for the purpose of the Adventure, such as allowing the party to heal between engagements, or introducing temporary mechanics specific to an encounter. Our only request is that you be fair with these adaptations to the rules, and make sure everyone understands and agrees. The purpose of the system is to allow a solid base-plate to stand on, but flexibility can always be afforded. It's impossible to write a rule for every situation, so please use common sense and come to an agreement on how something should function. When in doubt, contact Administration.

    Examples of Flexed-in Rules:
    NPC Monsters always go at the top of initiative.
    Certain items/attacks having reduced effectiveness against certain monsters.
    Fear effects causing negatives to rolls for "Horror" adventures to encourage fleeing and avoiding combat.
    Changes to "Strength" or "Knowledge" checks requiring a certain tagged skill or perk.

    If a Flexed-In Mechanic is well liked, and functions well with the system, feel free to suggest it as a potential balance change under the "Miscellaneous" Forum Category.

    How to Host an Adventure:
    Post an application here, for your Adventure. Try to be as clear as possible, what the Adventure entails, but don't reveal any hidden secrets or twists to the story.

    • SL Name of Host(Or Character if Personal Adventure):
    • Adventure Summary:
      An elevator pitch of the Adventure. Example: "Escort the Caravan through Giant Rattlesnake Valley."
    • Suggested items(Not needed for personal Adventures):
      No one likes being caught with their pants down, if you're going to require a specific item type, or, want to recommend it, place it here or allow them to find it in the Adventure.
      Characters Participating:
      ((This will be filled in with characters participating in your Adventure. Please include the Character you wish to be rewarded on, as Host.))
    • Goal:
      The win conditions/reason of your Adventure.  
    • Reward:
      What you would like to offer, if you can not guarantee loot with an Admin. Example: "350 Caps per Character"
    • Level of Danger:
      The preferred levels you're looking for. Example: (Levels 10-20)

    You may, if you desire, also add updates about the progress of your Adventure to your post in bullet point format - but please keep it brief. ((If part of an ongoing arc or a multi-day Adventure))

    During the Adventure, you may have Players find anything you want within reason, either to help them, or if they creatively come across it. These items are temporary, and can only be utilized within the Adventure they are found in. (Macguffins not withstanding.) Example: You can have ponies find (T1 Dirty Water) (T2 Healing Potions) or various tiers of Raw Material to use in the Adventure, but the only loot that stays is the Loot provided by Admin. Remember, however, to be creative. If you provide a pony with a cot, and they need to bandage their wounds--They might tear their cot up and have the unicorn fashion some bandages. That's good, creative roleplay and deserves reward. Give them the T1 bandages to use!

    Once your Adventure is up on the board in that Format, anyone can IM your SL name and ask; Can I do your Adventure? Set a time, try to get an Admin and roll!
    You can only be undertaking and receiving rewards for one Adventure at a time, on one of your characters. (To lessen the work load on Administrators reviewing Adventures.)

    When You Are Rewarded
    When you have completed your mission, edit your post here saying so. At that point it will be reviewed by the admins, and a reward will be decided.
    You can be rewarded throughout the adventure; it is generally recommended to have an Administrator there during your adventure to hide items at key points during the Adventure, and then provided a Loot Chest at the conclusion as reward. If you are unable to get the attention of the Admin, or, you want to have an Adventure without loot strewn through-out, you can opt out and instead offer a cap reward at Adventure's end. The amount of cap reward must be reasonable, and if we feel it is not, we will lower it.

    Please, if an Admin was not present for the Adventure, save the RP, or, at least some choice scenes displaying creative roleplay and solutions. The more inspired the RP, the more heartwrenching the drama, the higher the reward (In addition to whatever you wanted to offer). Failure to submit any part of the RP from your Adventure will result in very sad Admin that have to ask people in your Adventure what happened, this may result in sad panda images as your only reward.

    And don't forget: a failed Adventure is still "completed"!

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After careful consideration and thinking of more ways to reward you all for good roleplay/lore contribution, I came up with the first of several new ways to reward you for good Roleplay. Adventures is one thing, and this, is something you can do alone. On the forums. Something some people did free (and well) without reward before.


I personally enjoyed reading them and they really helped expand the scope of the setting for me considerably. Since I want to read more journals, now, you can be rewarded for them. Details below:

  • Some memories you want to remember, and some things, you just want to forget.

    For the latter, there are journals. Keeping a character journal is a good way to keep track of character story as well as give a more indepth look at how your character looks at a given situation. You may think of it as a waste of time, but it helps to get into character. If you don't think of it as a waste of time, then, well, the incentive of reward might just be icing on the cake.

    You can write your journal anywhere, in a terminal, a notebook, or, if you're a robot, a log data file. This journal, typically, can only be read ICly by you, and if there for the OOC enlightenment and joy of others. Keeping a journal is a great way to open yourself up to interesting plot hooks, as many Adventure Hosts and Staff will be reading Character Journals (and rewarding particularly good ones with caps, items, or, in a rare occasion, even a Base Level.)

    All journals should:

    • Fit the theme of the Character writing them.
    • Be written in the 'tone' of the character
    • Be interesting to read.
    • Follow or mention recent events
    • Reflect changes in a character over time

    Your character may not be able to read or write, but, they may be able to attribute memories to drawings, objects, and tell stories about them; you can write those here as well.
    As far as dated entries go, most don't know the date of the year, and those that do know, are generally Robots or Stable Ponies.
    ((I may update this topic if someone can tell me what year it should be!))

    Following these steps and doing it consistently will net positive rewards, and grant deeper insight to a character to be exploited by those wanting to host and Adventure with said character. The best journal entry every week will be nominated by players and brought to my attention; and for that, you will get a personal reward from Administration.

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6System Changes Empty Re: System Changes on Sun May 29, 2016 3:59 pm


Skill Adjustment:
  • Magic: Thaumaturgy: Protection
    Invisibility--If successful, allows the caster to become stealthed and undetectable. Can move only 5m per turn, attacking breaks invisibility.

Added movement to fall in line with other stealth skills.

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7System Changes Empty MASSIVE UPDATE. Perks and Skills! on Fri Jun 17, 2016 12:41 am


MASSIVE UPDATE. Perks and Skills!

Perks and skills have received a massive overhaul, as such, all Skill Points and Skills will be refunded and may be repurchased. Check the Database to see how many skillpoints you have available! Post the Skillpoint Receipt section. If there is any confusion about skills or you need help, please contact me or Donald Grump (Xemos.Shim) in world!

General Combat Perks

  • Sunny and Smiling Removed
  • Lunar Sight Removed
  • Bringer of Justice from +5 hit chance to +1 damage against Criminal Factions and their members.
  • Fight the Power! from +5 hit chance to +1 damage against Authoritarian Factions and their members.
  • Eagle eye changed to +10 hit chance
  • Super Slam changed to a knock down with a roll of 75 or above
  • Velvet Glove removed because too many hit chance perks

Non Combat General Perks

  • Fluttershy's Apostle changed to allow people to have pets that can help you in combat.

Racial Perks

Gryphon Perks

  • Owl Eye removed
  • Hawk Eye changed to +5 hit chance and spot checks

Zebra Perks

  • Brew Master changed to add both creation and combination of medical items
  • That Green Stuff and Disarm had -10 to hit removed

Bat Pony Perks

  • Nocturnal and Night Stalker removed time requirements, changed to darkness requirements
  • Vampiric Tendencies changed to restoring 1 out of 4 HP from damage delt to living enemies
  • Removed Chiroptophobia and added Nyctophilia to Bat Pony racial perks
  • Nyctophilia: Once per Scene: Plunge a 10m radius of area into absolute Darkness for 2 turns. Any within the area of effect are inflicted with Blind, and those outside cannot attack those within the orb of Darkness. (AoE excluded.)

Changeling Perks

  • Champion of the Hive changed to allow a changeling to transfer health or AP


  • Protocol, Shmotocol removed damage immunities
  • Full Power to Shields and Full Power To Weapons! changed to toggles that must be switched between the two perks, or normal.

(T1) Hydra: Changed to next incoming heal. Removed round/turn limit.

(T1) Mint-Als: changed roll failure threshold to 20 before modifiers.

(T2) Party-Time Mint-Als: changed roll failure threshold to 10 before modifiers.


  • Added Darkness to the Thaumaturgy Cantrip tree

Way too many to count! All skills across the board have had their prices adjusted and changed! Difficulty has been decreased, allowing one to purchase more skills and be proficient in more things! This massive change will allow lower leveled characters to have a variety of skills and perform better in combat while rewarding higher level characters with many skills to reflect their experience.

Ranged Combat
For the purposes of PvE, combat will not incur the ranged penalty of -5 per 10 meters beyond 20 Meters. This change is being introduced to allow ranged combat in the highly vertical maps we utilize. NPCs will also not incur the ranged penalty, so watch out!This change affects only PvE, and for the sake of balance, PvP is still relegated to the 20 Meter standard. Adjustments will be made to see if Sniping would be possible for PvP, so stay tuned.

Possible Rules ((Per each increment of 20 Meters beyond 20, -5 to hit with ranged weapons. When attacking beyond 20 meters with ranged, incur an armor penalty of -1.

Cover Based Changes: Stay Tuned!

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8System Changes Empty Re: System Changes on Mon Jul 04, 2016 6:46 pm



  1. You may now only hurl an explosive a distance of 40 meters. This same limit also applies to melee weapons thrown in the same manner. GENERAL RULES WILL BE UPDATED TO REFLECT THIS.

  2. If you do not have LoS but an ally does--and you are using explosives and hurling them in an arc, your allies may tell you the location of the target, allowing you to lob your explosives at said target.

  3. There is now a limit--Only 10 Base levels per character. Any additional Base Levels must be moved to Alt Characters.

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9System Changes Empty Re: System Changes on Sun Jul 24, 2016 10:23 pm


The LARGEST and FINAL system Update before the automated system comes out!

Everyone gets a free respec with this release!

Rule Changes: Cover has been overhauled and certain wording has been changed for clarity.

Actions: Per Turn you get 1 Major Action, Minor/Support Action(s), and a Movement Action.

Major Actions: Actions that traditionally require you to use your entire post. This includes: Attacks, Use of healing items, attempting to flee battle, activating certain perks and skills. Any exceptions to this rule are noted in the description of specific skills or perks.

Minor/Support Actions: Actions that may be used during the same post as a major action, and are stackable. This includes: Using Chems, Activating most Attack Skills to pair with your attack, and activating most Perks. You may not, however, activate multiple minor actions of the same type. For example, you cannot initiate two skills in the same post, or two chems in the same post, unless you are utilizing a Skill or Perk allowing you extra Actions. Nor may you activate two once-per-scene perks at once, regardless of which pool they fall within.

Cover: The world is full of sturdy objects to hide behind when bullets start to fly. Taking cover behind anything is a Movement Action--You are immune to Ranged Attacks while Line-of-Sight between you and your attacker is interrupted, though some skills ignore cover.
You may move between cover, and attack from cover so long as it is within your movement limit(5 Meters for Ranged and 10 Meters for Melee). You may leave cover, attack in melee and move back to re-enter cover so long as it was within 10 meters of movement. You may also pop out from behind cover and fire your gun at a target and re-enter cover.  
A level of common sense applies to the use of objects: parts of an avatar protruding due to SL deficiencies does not constitute an individual as exposed. Furthermore, object choice dictates how cover can be broken. Heavy Cover, such as a cement barrier, cannot generally be overcome without the use of AoE explosives. On the other hand, Light Cover like wooden walls or light materials may easily be shot right through by most weapons utilizing skills for circumventing Cover. Line of sight applies to the use of cover: hiding behind a square block can easily be overcome if your opponent maneuvers to the side of it. When it comes to cover, use your best judgement.

Note: AoE Explosives can be thrown over cover, but an AoE explosive that lands in front of cover does not circumvent it. Light Cover offers protection from attacks, but cannot survive too much abuse. A well-placed Explosive can destroy Light Cover, (Roll of 75 or higher after to-hit bonuses.) but Heavy Cover can not be destroyed by anything less than a T4 Explosive.

Movement in Combat: For the purposes of this regulation alone, "in combat" is defined as "actively engaged by another foe." The presence of enemies in the area does not constitute "in combat," whereas the presence of enemies shooting in your direction or moving toward you with intent to engage in melee does. Movement in combat is limited to 10 meters per post. Movement is not considered a major action. As such, a melee character can close a 10 meter gap and attack in the same post. On the flip side, characters using ranged weapons/AoE/Spells may only move 5 meters if they opt to shoot in the same turn as they are moving. Some status effects such as "Knocked Down" and some skills like "Curb Stomp" cost you your movement action for your turn by inflicting the "Snared" status effect.

Combat Range: Battle is intended to be carried out within chat range. If by the natural progression of things (maneuvering, using skills, et cetera) you and your target exceed chat range, you shall suffer no penalty. Combat initiated outside of chat range will have a diminishing return equivalent to -5 to hit chance per 10 meters. In all instances, you or a proxy must roll attacks within the visual presence of your target OOC to prevent abuse. This is limited to PvP only--PvE combat suffers no negatives regardless of Range.

Note: Thrown Grenades and Explosives (T4 or lower) have a Range of 40 Meters. Explosives rank T5 or higher are considered "Rocket Propelled" and have no range limit as long as your target is an NPC. Thrown Explosives benefit from a trajectory arc while Higher tiered explosives require LoS.

Note: Spells share the same restriction as thrown Explosives with the exception of single-target "Bolt" spells, they share the same restrictions as Ranged combat.

Sparring Rules:
Sparring between two characters is allowed, but must be agreed upon by all parties involved. The fight will not result in loss of gear or a mercy roll if one of the sparring characters is brought to 0 hp. Both characters involved are fully restored of HP and AP when the fight ends. If the sparring turns into actual combat for any reason, the characters that were sparring are fully restored of HP and AP before actual combat begins.

Character Creation

You may replace an existing character with a new one, keeping all base levels, one equipped item, all caps, and one inventory item. The character you are replacing is deleted and becomes irretrievable.

You may retire a character to move their Base Levels. A grace period of 30 Days is allotted by which you may bring a retired character back. If you bring a Retired character back, all base levels moved off of them are returned to that character.

It happens, your character dies and you want some method of bringing them back--This is a rare circumstance, as Death is mostly up to player discretion as it is. Wishing to resurrect a Dead Character requires a Grand Adventure and will likely be a very long process. It may also be outright refused.

NPC Change
Some NPCs will be vulnerable to certain kinds of Elemental damage, receiving an extra point of damage when struck by a magic attack of that element.  This will be noted in their page on the Bestiary being worked on. Stay tuned!

General Perk Changes
Friendly Fire --Reduce unintentional damage to friendlies to 0. Allies no longer trigger your placed skills or suffer conditions of your spells, perks, or skills.

Fluttershy Apostle -- Pets now have T4 Armor and deal 1 damage base.

Party Pony -- You have built a resistance to the negative effects of chems. When using a chem, Roll a Dice, on 50+, the negative effects/addiction does not trigger.

Augmented -- By taking this perk, you may replace one of your Racial Perks with a Robot Racial Perk.

Too Drunk to Die -- In Addition to its usual effects, when using the Chem Alcohol, heal for 1 HP. This perk is affected by Fast Metabolism.

Master Survivalist -- You receive (3) points to spend in the Survival tree for the purposes of unlocking skills.

Strong Buck -- You receive (3) points to spend in the Unarmed tree for the purposes of unlocking skills.

Hybrid -- By taking this perk, you may replace one of your Racial Perks with a Racial of your recessive parent. You may not combine the Racials of the three base tribes, Earth Pony, Pegasus, or Unicorn, but you may combine them and others with any combination of the other sub races(Robot/Changeling/Ghoul excluded). You are susceptible to all racial damage perks for any racials you pick. You may NOT have a character that may fly and use magic at the same time. No exceptions.

Student of the Followers -- +5 to Science and Medicine Skills/Rolls

Racial Perks

Earth Pony
Extreme Tolerance
Is Now
Shake it Off -- At any point a condition affects you, roll 50 or higher (after modifiers) to negate the Condition.

Strong Buck

Berserker -- For every HP missing, reduce crit threshold by 1.

Full Power To Shields
Full Power to Weapons

Divert Power -- Switch between two states: Full power to Shields [(+2) Armour, (-2) Damage while Active] and Full power to Weapons [(+2) Damage, (-2) Armour while Active] Condition: Minor Action to toggle states. Lasts until deactivated.

Kinetic Dynamo -- On a successful attack, regenerate 1 AP. When receiving Damage, regenerate 1 AP.

Overclock -- Sacrifice 1 HP to increase Damage output by one for the turn this Perk was activated. (Bonus damage is calculated after armor.)

Captain of the Guard--Summoned Drones now have T4 Armor and Deal 1 Damage Base.
Champion of the Hive--By sacrificing your turn, transfer any amount of HP or AP to an allied changeling. Allied Changeling, in turn, may sacrifice their turn to transfer HP and AP to you.

Conservation of Mana -- When utilizing a Magic skill that requires AP, roll d100: if you roll 50 or higher, deduct one less AP than would have normally been expended. If you roll 90 or above, half the amount of AP that would have normally been expended. If you roll a critical, expend no AP.

Student of the Followers

Gotta Shoot 'em In The Head -- Once per battle: if you are downed, you may attack a single enemy within 3M of you from the ground at any time. If this attack deals damage, revive with 1 HP and forgo your Mercy roll.

Made in Canterlot -- Once per scene: Breath on a Target within 10M of you to lower their Armor by 1 for Two Turns.

Shake it Off -- At any point a condition affects you, roll 50 or higher (after modifiers) to negate the Condition.

Toxic Teeth -- On attack rolls above 75, Inflict Poison.

Play Dead -- Once per Scene: At any time, fall over as if slain. You may not be targeted by any single target abilities while in this state, as if you are "Stealthed". Any action ends this ability. Taking damage while in this state does not break it, so long as you do not move or act under your own power.

Perfect Dosage -- When crafting a consumable item, you craft an additional item one Tier lower of the crafted item for free.

Potent Poisons -- Once per battle, you may add the Poison or Sleep Effect to your next SUCCESSFUL attack.

Chained Blows -- On a successful Melee Attack, if there is another opponent within 3M, you may attempt an attack on them as a free action with -10 to Hit. Stacks, penalty accumulates. Cannot attack the same opponent more than once in a single round.

Staff Master -- Your Melee attacks now have a 5M range from your avatar center and you gain a (-5) to be hit in Melee thanks to your blocking ability with your staff. This new Melee Range affects the range of all Melee skills and Perks, adding 5M reach to all abilities. Stacks with Hoof to Hoof.

First Blood -- +2 AP when Successfully Inflicting Bleed.

Pick off the Weak -- +10 to hit on those suffering a Condition

Berserker -- For every HP missing, reduce crit threshold by 1.

Keen Eye -- Once per Scene: As a free action, break any opponent out of stealth that is within 20M of you. LoS applies.

Swift Rescue -- Once per Scene: Take a 10 M movement action at any time, moving another character with you.

Formation -- While within 3M of other allies, when you take damage greater than 1, your allies may elect to take damage in your place. In turn, you may take damage for your allies. You may not reduce damage to 0, and must always take at least 1 damage.

Cloud Kicker -- Once per Scene: Once per Scene: Negate the casting of one Elementalism: Air or Elementalism: Water spell.

Bat Ponies
Taste for Blood -- +1 HP when Inflicting Bleeding

Formation -- While within 3M of other allies, when you take damage greater than 1, your allies may elect to take damage in your place. In turn, you may take damage for your allies. You may not reduce damage to 0, and must always take at least 1 damage.

Shadow Dance -- Once per Scene: At any time, Cast Teleport Adepted (Pay the cost of the spell) to move yourself anywhere a Shadow may be within 20 M.

Draculin -- On a roll of 75 or higher with a Melee or Unarmed attack, inflict Bleed.

Added Tagged Skill--A brand new tagged skill to play with, with powerful new abilities to help you survive a little longer and make those fighting against you wish they hadn't messed with such a rugged survivalist. Turn the powers of the Wasteland's deadliest conditions against your foes by showing them all it's not just a matter of luck, but being prepared for any eventuality.


  • Tourniquet---Removes Bleeding Debuff from one Ally. Double AP Cost to heal 1 HP. (Not affected by perks, can only heal 1 HP if Bleeding Debuff was removed.)

  • Suck out the Poison---Removes Poison Debuff from one Ally. Double the skill cost to transfer the poison to your weapon, allowing you to inflict Poison with your next attack.

  • Pyregum---Remove Burning from one ally. Double the cost to use the charged Pyregum sap to ignite an enemy and inflict Burning for 2 Rounds.

  • Snap Trap---Within 10M from you, place an AoE Trap with a 3M Radius. Any character that crosses the AoE during their turn or begins their turn inside it must immediately stop movement and are Snared for one round. Double AP Cost to Inflict Bleed. May be placed on any flat surface.

  • Healing Powder---Throw an explosive--This explosive Heals allies for 1 HP inside/that pass through it. Double AP Cost to also Inflict Poison to Enemies. Lasts 1 turn and shares the radius and to hit bonus of the used explosive.

  • Tranquilize---Target a Living opponent within 10 M and fire a sleeping dart. If your attack is successful, it deals no damage but instead sedates your target and puts them to Sleep. Target awakens when taking damage or one round, whichever comes first.

Condition Added:
Sleep: Target is unable to perform any action until damage is taken or after one round has passed.

Magic Overhaul
A massive overhaul to all magic! Lordy, Lordy, so many changes.

Magic: Elementalism

Cleanse Air -- Cleanse a 10M area of Radiation/Poison attacks/skills/environmental hazard for two rounds.

Calming the Storm
Is Now
Whirlwind -- Summon a Tremendous Gust of wind, sending any airborne opponents catapulting in a direction of your choosing 10 M. If they collide with a solid object/character, take Special/3 damage.

Haste of the Zephyr -- If successful, target gains a +5M Movement on their next turn.

Lightning Bolt -- If successful, adds +1 Electrical damage to a successful hit. Inflicts Paralysis on a roll above 75 after bonus calculation.

Thunder Clap -- If successful, the next opponent to attack you in melee is thrown back 5M and takes Ranged Damage -1. Lasts two rounds.

Chain Lightning -- If successful, hit one target for Ranged Damage +2. Bounces Special/3 rounded up times between any opponents within 5M of each other. Cannot strike the same target more than once. Inflicts Paralysis on a roll above 75 after bonus calculation.


Cleanse Earth
IS Now
Shape Earth -- Summon a wall, 5M long and 3M high to act as cover within 10M of you. Any opponent in the way of the summoned wall takes 1 Nature Damage as it bursts from the Earth. The wall can spawn from any flat surface and is treated as Weak Cover. Double AP Cost to harden the wall into Strong Cover.

Earthquake -- If successful, causes area of effect Nature damage Ranged Damage-1. 10 meters, centered on caster. Pushes all affected opponents 5M away from caster.

Meteor Swarm--If successful, the next turn hits a 5m radius area for ranged damage (+2) as Nature damage, caster must place an indicator at target point. Flying targets are grounded for one turn and take falling damage as a result if applicable.

Cleansing Fire
Cauterize -- If Successful, Stop Bleeding. LoS Range.

Cooling the Fires Within -- If Successful, Dispel Burning from one ally or extinguish a fire based spell/skill on the field.

Untempered Soul -- Immunity to Fire Damage/Spells/Burning for 1 Round.

Pilum of Flame -- Target a 5M radius area within 20M. Area takes Ranged Damage-1 Fire Damage  any Character within 5M of Target is Inflicted with Burning for Special/3 Turns. Can be centered on Caster, Caster is immune to the effects.

Wall of Flame -- If successful, cast a wall of flame 5M long by 3M high. Any Character within the wall or passing through it take Ranged Damage +1 and are inflicted with Burning for Special/3 Turns. Lasts one turn.

Cleanse Water -- Purifies a portion of a body of water for drinking, allowing Allies and the caster to drink, regaining 2 AP. Limit: Once per Scene/Combat.

Maelstrom -- Target a 10M radius area within 20M. Deals Frost Damage (ranged damage -1) to all in the AoE. Snares Flying Opponents. Inflicts Blindness on rolls above 75 after bonus calculation.

Ice Storm -- If successful, place a radius marker with a 5M Diameter within 20 M of you. Next turn, all Characters in the affected 5M area are Snared and take Ranged Damage-1 as Frost damage.

Magic: Thaumaturgy
Darkness -- Removed. Spell should be special to Bat-ponies given its nature.

Counter-Spell -- Replaced
Dispel Magic -- If successful, cancels a spell-cast or Dispels an Active Spell. +1 AP per AP cost of placed spell (To dispel a 4 point spell would cost 4AP, plus casting cost). [Can be cast at any time]

Locate -- If successful, locate a Target using one of their belongings/part of Target/Clothing.

Scry--You may attach your senses to an object and throw said object anywhere said object will fit within 40 M. By Doubling the AP Cost, you may attach Scry to allies, as well, such as a Spritebot or Animal, Player or NPC. The range of Scry attached to an object is 100 M. If using a map, you may scry a location for a brief time, as if you are standing on said location you are concentrating on. If you take any damage, Scrying ends.

Meditate--If successful, recover 4AP for every round after this that you skip. May be interrupted by enemy attack. Cannot move, attack, dodge, or take any other action. Useable once every 10 minutes outside combat.

Mage Lock -- If successful, magically seals a door or similar object with your Special Stat + Level as hit points. This item can now no longer be opened by any normal means and is only vulnerable to Magic Damage.

Knock -- If successful, forces open a magically locked object using your Special Stat + Level as damage. Double AP Cost in order to locate any hidden doors within 20M of Caster.

Armor of Will -- Create a Magical Shield against damage with HP equal to Special/3 that lasts 1 Turn.

Protection -- +1 Armor for Two Rounds.

Invisibility -- If successful, allows the caster to become stealthed and undetectable by any means save physical contact. Cannot move. Attacking/taking Damage breaks Invisibility.

Teleport -- If successful, instantly translocate to a point within line of sight(20M Limit in combat). Can take one PC/NPC with you for double the AP cost. If put upon an item with 'Delay' spell, return to location of item.

Tempus Fugit -- If successful, allows the caster a combat action immediately after casting, and an additional action (Attack, Movement, Skill, ect) they may take at any time during the next round.

Advanced Telekinetics -- If successful, allows the caster to hurl up to two characters or objects in any direction 10M. If characters collide with anything, all affected take Special/3 damage. Can be used to 'fly'. 2 AP per turn to Maintain.

Arcane Weapon -- If successful, you summon an arcane weapon that you wield telekinetically and that you can use next round. Said weapon hits for your Special/3 rounded up as Magic Damage, ignoring all Armor. All applicable damage bonuses further augments the weapon’s damage and cost. Costs 1AP per point of damage dealt to maintain. If you do not have the adequate AP when dealing damage, the weapon is dispelled and the weapon deals damage equal to however many AP you have remaining.

Magic: Healing
Circle of Protection
Replaced with
Warding Circle In a 5m area effect centered on caster, Hostile spells cannot be cast or placed. Last one Round.
Flesh Ward -- If successful, add Special/3 Temporary HP to target for two turns.

Circle of Protection -- 5m area effect centered on caster, Hostile spells cannot be cast or placed. Lasts one Turn.

Lazarus Heart -- Allows the revival of downed allies on the battlefield, restoring them with 3 HP. [Mercy roll still applies, but they cannot be forced to roll Mercy more than once in the same battle.]

Word of the Phoenix, Delay, Facility -- Applies to all spells from any Magic Tree. Why? Because creativity.

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