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Random Encounters Guidelines

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1Random Encounters Guidelines Empty Random Encounters Guidelines on Tue Nov 29, 2016 9:23 pm


The world of Fallout Equestria is rife with enemies, in the games, you often can't go for a leisurely stroll without running into a pack of raiders, ghouls, or on the rare instance, a friendly trader. So, how do we bring such things to a pen and paper game? Well, the short, skinny, and easy answer is you--The player--And Admin are all responsible for generating content by hosting Random Encounters, whatever they may be.

Now, you ask, what is a Random Encounter? It is, in Journeys, the chance for you, the player or Admin, to create a situation that imperils a group or single player. You may take control of a Monster or other thing and become a threat to the populace and scavengers.

A Random Encounter is

  • A battle encounter.
  • A random occurrence or triggered event.
  • A puzzle or Skillcheck with risk and reward.
  • A hook or trigger to an Adventure.
  • Part of the encounters during missions or Adventures.
  • 100% Lore friendly. Period.

A Random Encounter is NOT

  • Unbeatable.
  • Unfun.
  • Too Easy.
  • Free reign to do whatever you want.

That said, Random Encounters can come in many flavors, be solved in many ways, or can just be a straight out slug fest. Random Encounters are often self contained stories.
Pony meet Monster
Monster maul pony/Pony slay monster
Pony get loot/Pony flee injured

Beginning, middle, and end. Random Encounter can be engaging, fun, bite sized mini-adventures and help with world building. Consider this when making an Encounter.

This is what makes it all worth it. Approved Random Encounters grant REWARDS! A node drop, depending on difficulty, is usually the reward. A player that constantly does Random Encounters may also see themselves gaining a Base Level for their efforts. Also, the Host reaps the rewards even if the players lose the Encounter--So don't be afraid to go in for the kill. Just remember the Golden Rule!

Do Not Be A Dick

Do not have every NPC focus on a single player the first turn.
Do not down a player on the first round.
Do punish them for poor choices/mistakes.

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2Random Encounters Guidelines Empty BALANCE on Tue Nov 29, 2016 9:25 pm


On Balance!

Balance is very important--Do not place your players in a situation where they cannot win! Sure, they can lose, but never put them up against odds that utterly favor the victors being the NPCs (unless that's a plot point and they should flee)

Here's a handy reference Guide to keep things Balanced.

  • Party of mostly 1-10, NPCs should be no higher than level 10, have 1-3 Perks, and one tagged skill.
  • Party of mostly 11-20, NPCs should be no higher than 20, have 4-6 Perks, and two tagged skills.
  • Party of mostly 20-30, NPCs should be no higher than 30, have 7-8 Perks, and three tagged skills.
  • Party of 30+, NPCs should be 30+ have 8 Perks, have 8 Perks, and three tagged skills.

Start your mobs at the low end. For every player, add a level. For ever Mob on the field, subtract a level. A party of five level 5s could feasibly fight a single level 10 ghoul, but you could instead have three level 7 ghouls and the battle would be possible and challenging as well.

Think theme, style, and focus of the opponents fighting the party. Are they mindless? Can they be made afraid and flee? Is their goal to kill or force the party to flee or surrender? Can the fight be stopped with a Speech check from the Speech based character in the party? Are there environmental traps or hazards? How does it tie in with the mission/adventure/random encounter?

Remember, not all missions will have the solution of combat, nor will adventures or Random Encounters. Keep things varied and interesting for those you're playing the scenario for.

Do not be a Dick!


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