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Vaun and the Arena.

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1 Vaun and the Arena. on Mon Nov 28, 2016 1:37 am

Vaun wrote:They came at us, boxed up in our own home. They turned our hive into nothing but a killing room where we saw our friends and family die. In the end the Arena is now a return of that favor... we have forced them into a kill box, where they will now die for our amusement. The survivors will feed us, nourish us. In the end, this is our revenge...

The Arena was built on the outskirts of town in the desert. The collection of walls and containers, gates and souls makes up the entire structure... base even designed to be both a housing area and a place of torture for the raiders and slavers that have been captured and held in its walls. The containers towards the back attached to the inner ring area are used to hold raiders, slavers for fights or feeding of the Buzz Boys. The changelings that run and staff the entire base.

Vaun wrote:My brothers and me built the walls, the ring, we stored them in crates... cold... hot... packed and uncomfortable. No comforts for those that slaughtered our family. Killed out Queen... they never will have the mercies we cried for, that they now cry for themselves.

The Changeling hive, now simply known as the Buzz Boys sits to the side of the base. Housing the remains of the hive that Vaun now leads to the best he can. They feed on the captives, as well as use the caps from ponies and other races testing their luck against those forced to inhabit (Raiders and the sort). In the end, the arena is a blood sport, people pay to fight for prizes and honor.

The Arena is a place where those who wish for revenge... honor... thrill... and prizes... are welcome.

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