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F: Racial Passives

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Racial Passives
Some races come with some build in features. These are things that should be common sense, but I'll place them here for ease of reference.

Earth Pony:

  • +10 to Resistance Rolls for Sickness, Disease, Affliction.


  • Access to Flight


  • Access to Magic Tagged Skills
  • Telekinesis--Able to manipulate objects from up to 10 M away.


  • Immunity: Blindness
  • Access to Flight


  • Access to Flight


  • Capable of changing shape into other forms as a Free Action.  
  • Able to communicate telepathically using Hive Mind (Free Radios)
  • All disguises are automatically +1 Disguises requiring no roll.


  • +5 to your next roll if the last line of spoken dialog rhymed creatively.


  • Immunity: Radiation, Sickness, Disease, Affliction
  • Feral Ghouls will overlook them unless attacked
  • Access to Magic Tagged if Unicorn Ghoul
  • Access to Flight if Pegasus/Griffon


  • Immunity: Radiation, Sickness, Disease, Affliction, Sleep, Poison, Changeling Hypnotism
  • Vulnerable to the Science Skill: Override
  • Can only be healed by the Science Skill: Spot Weld or have Healing items applied by those with Science Tagged ((Exception: Perks))
  • Unable to utilize Chems/Food/Water
  • Able to communicate with other robots 'Telepathically'.
  • Must be repaired after battle by a Science Tagged Medic or using the skill Spotweld (Unless having the Repair Matrix)

Augmented Characters:
In addition to Racial Passives

  • Vulnerable to the Science Skill: Override
  • Able to communicate with other robots 'Telepathically'.
  • Vulnerable to damage bonuses of their race and Robots as well.

Hybrid Characters:
In addition to Racial Passives

  • Vulnerable to to damage bonuses applying to both their races.

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