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Character App: Silver Tongue

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1Character App: Silver Tongue Empty Character App: Silver Tongue on Wed Nov 23, 2016 5:52 pm

Name (Character) -
Silver Tongue

SL Login Name -
Wild Tango (malevis)

Age: 43

Languages: Common, Zebrican,

Gender: Female

Species/Variant: Pony/Pegasus

Cutie Mark: Silver flame

Allegiance/Faction N/A

Dark green, scarred pelt. The area on her hindquarters is especially scarred, with may of them nearly parallel claw marks. There’s one on her right eye, as well, though she keeps it covered out of a sense of vanity. She wears a dark-colored, fur-lined bomber jacket with a red scarf, old, scavenged nylon stockings on her legs, and keeps her white-and-grey mane swept over the right side of her face to keep the eyepatch hidden. In addition to those, she wears a pair of banded, leather boots on her hindlegs.

Character Tagged Skills:
Unarmed, Big Guns, Flight

Character Perks - General
Dark Mare - (+5) hit chance to the opposite sex, and (+5) modifier for speech purposes on other-gender individuals.
Angel of Deception - Add an additional dice when rolling Bluff Checks.
Mare-do-Ill - You receive (3) points to spend in the Sneak tree for the purposes of unlocking skills.

Character Perks - Racial
Fancy Flying - (+5) permanent increase to your AP pool.

Flash Sculpting - Once per battle: create a massive fog layer that decreases the enemy's chance to hit you and your allies by (-20). Requires a roll of 50 or greater to be successful. Fog layer lasts as long as the pegasus creating the cloud successfully rolls above a 50 on his or her turn.

Ten Seconds Flat - Once per scene, you may utilize a skill in a tree that you have tagged as if you have adepted it (automatic success), regardless if you've spent points in it.

Starting Gear (Maximum of 5 points worth.):
T5 Ranged

Biography/Brief History:
A slave-turned-slaver, short and simple. After fleeing Little Cliffside, made it across the country to New Pegas before being captured and enslaved in by a roving band of slavers, being kept by them as a sort of “unit mascot.” She killed the unit’s leader in his sleep and, after fiddling her way out of her collar, assumed control of the band--for a time. She’s currently flying solo, telling ponies she’s got a farm out East that could use some hands--and she’s willing to pay caps for their services...

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Character probated, 2016-11-24

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