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Tic Tac's Holotape Log

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1Tic Tac's Holotape Log Empty Tic Tac's Holotape Log on Mon Nov 21, 2016 11:22 pm

Character note: The following log is written in Nipponese.

-----------Log 1 -------------

I've spent the last year moving from place to place with Flurry since we left Diablo Canyon. Since Frigid died... My husband was a good stallion. I still believe that he deserved better than that. Back then, Steelgraft and Blast Path both were there back then. Though... I never got to see my husband's body. Steel would not let me. I couldn't stand to stay there and just left. I thought about building some kind of replacement to help raise Flurry. She deserved someone in her life. But I... I couldn't. I know all this knowledge about cybernetics and medicine. But I'm an earth pony. I don't have any magic. What ever I would create wouldn't truly be alive.

So I tried to move on. I truly did. I spent a year in and out of town, running a shop in Rock Bottom. I stayed out of the way.

But the more Flurry grew, the more of him I saw in her. The more that I felt horrible for not being able to do anything back then.

So today, I finally told Blast Path my thoughts. I heard from him that there is a way using magic to bring my husband back! But he thinks I'll just get myself killed doing so. He told me to talk to Steel and ask him about Detrot. The way he said it though. The sound of it just seemed to make him sick.

Regardless, I owe my husband this chance. I have to ask him. And Damn it, Steelgraft owes me. His boyfriend tried to eat my baby.

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