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Adventures Template

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1Adventures Template Empty Adventures Template on Sat Nov 12, 2016 11:32 pm


How to Host an Adventure:
Post an application here, for your Adventure. Try to be as clear as possible, what the Adventure entails, but don't reveal any hidden secrets or twists to the story.

  • SL Name of Host(Or Character if Personal Adventure):
  • Adventure Summary:
    An elevator pitch of the Adventure. Example: "Escort the Caravan through Giant Rattlesnake Valley."
  • Suggested items(Not needed for personal Adventures):
    No one likes being caught with their pants down, if you're going to require a specific item type, or, want to recommend it, place it here or allow them to find it in the Adventure.
    Characters Participating:
    ((This will be filled in with characters participating in your Adventure. Please include the Character you wish to be rewarded on, as Host.))
  • Goal:
    The win conditions/reason of your Adventure.  
  • Reward:
    What you would like to offer, if you can not guarantee loot with an Admin. Example: "350 Caps per Character"
  • Level of Danger:
    The preferred levels you're looking for. Example: (Levels 10-20)

You may, if you desire, also add updates about the progress of your Adventure to your post in bullet point format - but please keep it brief. ((If part of an ongoing arc or a multi-day Adventure))

During the Adventure, you may have Players find anything you want within reason, either to help them, or if they creatively come across it. These items are temporary, and can only be utilized within the Adventure they are found in. (Macguffins not withstanding.) Example: You can have ponies find (T1 Dirty Water) (T2 Healing Potions) or various tiers of Raw Material to use in the Adventure, but the only loot that stays is the Loot provided by Admin. Remember, however, to be creative. If you provide a pony with a cot, and they need to bandage their wounds--They might tear their cot up and have the unicorn fashion some bandages. That's good, creative roleplay and deserves reward. Give them the T1 bandages to use!

Once your Adventure is up on the board in that Format, anyone can IM your SL name and ask; Can I do your Adventure? Set a time, try to get an Admin and roll!
You can only be undertaking and receiving rewards for one Adventure at a time, on one of your characters. (To lessen the work load on Administrators reviewing Adventures.)

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2Adventures Template Empty On BALANCE on Sat Nov 12, 2016 11:32 pm


On Balance!

Balance is very important--Do not place your players in a situation where they cannot win! Sure, they can lose, but never put them up against odds that utterly favor the victors being the NPCs (unless that's a plot point and they should flee)

Here's a handy reference Guide to keep things Balanced.

  • Party of mostly 1-10, NPCs should be no higher than level 10, have 1-3 Perks, and one tagged skill.
  • Party of mostly 11-20, NPCs should be no higher than 20, have 4-6 Perks, and two tagged skills.
  • Party of mostly 20-30, NPCs should be no higher than 30, have 7-8 Perks, and three tagged skills.
  • Party of 30+, NPCs should be 30+ have 8 Perks, have 8 Perks, and three tagged skills.

Start your mobs at the low end. For every player, add a level. For ever Mob on the field, subtract a level. A party of five level 5s could feasibly fight a single level 10 ghoul, but you could instead have three level 7 ghouls and the battle would be possible and challenging as well.

Think theme, style, and focus of the opponents fighting the party. Are they mindless? Can they be made afraid and flee? Is their goal to kill or force the party to flee or surrender? Can the fight be stopped with a Speech check from the Speech based character in the party? Are there environmental traps or hazards? How does it tie in with the mission/adventure/random encounter?

Remember, not all missions will have the solution of combat, nor will adventures or Random Encounters. Keep things varied and interesting for those you're playing the scenario for.

Do not be a Dick!


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