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Current Location: Tumbleweed at Dragon's End

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1 Current Location: Tumbleweed at Dragon's End on Thu May 26, 2016 2:40 pm


Somewhere within the reaches of the San Palomino Desert sits a valley that is relatively isolated, butted up against the Macintosh Hills. Some small settlements dot it's length, the latest settlement, Tumbleweed, has only just begun to rise from the dust.

Consisting of abandoned road side stores, inns, and shops, the wandering refugees believed they'd found themselves a good base of operations to start their lives anew, or, at least a place to rest before traveling onward. However unbeknownst to them, the peaceful desert was host to horrors and hardships only imaginable.

What kept most away was beyond isolation and the scarcity of resources. A plethora of mutated creatures, violent sandstorms and sweltering heat plague the valley.

Soon the settlers would learn that others called the valley home, long before they did. Dragons. Forced south by the destruction of Cloudsdale, and the radioactive spread into the near by mountains, the dragons fled to the valley. Many died, but some remain, mutated and feral from the fallout. They've became horrendous ghouls that inhabit underground systems and caves of the area, bitter and scornful for what the ponies did to them.

The threat of these dragons, from either the skies or the shifting sands make surviving this place no easy feat...

Notable Factions:
Tumbleweed Township:
Those that set up home in Tumbleweed, a quaint little hotel modified into a booming little community. You and everyone staying here, by default, are in this Faction. It offers no bonuses other than a safe roof over your head, a place to sleep, and other basic amenities.

Wasteland Critters:
The various creatures of the wastes. You won't find much in the way of intelligent conversation, but you will find fang or stinger at your neck! Watch out for these ornery varmints!

Characters of Interest:
Jaxen Shortfuse:
A young, scrupulous Dragon Trader that comes by now and again, buying and selling wares.

Points of Interest:

Rad-Dragon Cavern:
The name says it all. Steer clear.

Lake Piss-Pot:
The irradiated lake nearby town, near the entrance of Rad-Dragon Cavern.

Route 66.6:
The long, ancient road upon which Tumbleweed and much of the West coast branches off on. It is the oldest road in known Equestrian history, passing straight through Canterlot to Fillydelphia to the East Coast! There's a lot of old, painful memories on this hard, scorched road. And old abandoned military caravans, too...

Blackrock Mine:
Located off Route 66.3 on the way to Rock Bottom is the entrance to this legendary mine, now sealed off and guarded from trespassers. No one knows how to get inside, but sometimes, lights glow from deep within...

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