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Dusk, the lone zebra

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1Dusk, the lone zebra Empty Dusk, the lone zebra on Sat Nov 12, 2016 4:25 am

Name: Dusk
SL Login Name: Enkai Mukerji
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Zebra
Languages Spoken: Common and Zebrican
Allegiance/Faction: None
Character Skills: Medicine, Melee, Unarmed
Character Perks:
(General) Jury Rigging, Piercing Hoof/Piercing Strike, Tribal Warrior
(Racial) Hoof to Hoof, Potent Poisons, Tribal Wisdom
Starting Gear:
- 9mm Pistol and Mp5 (Tier 3)
- Mechanic Uniform (Tier 2)
Miscellaneous Gear:
- Saddlebags
- Various tools

Biography/Brief History:
Dusk is an unusual zebra, born with a brown coat that sets her apart from most. She came into the world to zebra parents who traded the various bits and bobs that could be scavenged in the Wasteland between settlements for food and water. Dusk doesn't remember too much about her early years, just wandering through the endless dust and desolation with her parents, and remembered always being hungry.

The biggest memory that holds with her came some years ago, on a particularly frigid day in a deep valley to the north of old Morninglight, her parents were caught off-guard by a notorious group of slavers. Their first action was to tell Dusk to run, as quick as she could away from there, which she obeyed in fear. She knows not what happened to them, but she can only assume the worst...
The lone zebra foal ran through the valley and out into the desert wastes, right into a long train of caravaneers, the slaving band hot on her heels. Fortunate it certainly was that the caravaneers had strong will and heart, taking the foal behind them and opening fire on the slavers. It was a tough fight, but the long caravan outnumbered and outgunned them in the end, sending them packing.

Dusk wound up in the care of an middle aged unicorn trader, who took her as her own and taught her the ways of a merchant and how to repair the treasures of the wasteland. For nine years they traveled together in the caravan, through thick and thin, until the aging unicorn decided to give the zebra a better life that wasn't constant wandering. When they made their way to Diablo Canyon on the route, she set Dusk up in town with as many caps as she could spare to start a business, leaving with a heavy heart and a promise to return some day.
The zebra now resides in town, working her trade as best she can, living and carrying on as she always has, and building a reputation for her dedication and skill to the craft.

(More details will be added as I remember them given that I have been out of the rp scene for a while now.)

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2Dusk, the lone zebra Empty Re: Dusk, the lone zebra on Wed Nov 16, 2016 2:50 am


You are missing your SL name, and I cannot contact you to get it. Please contact me.

Furthermore, you have 9 Base Levels to spread around.

Also, do you remember what gear Dusk had before retirement?

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3Dusk, the lone zebra Empty Gear/Base levels on Wed Nov 16, 2016 3:31 pm

She had tier 5 gear across the board according to my old Diablo Canyon rptool.
I would like three of the nine base levels to be given to Dusk, as per what she had before her retirement.

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4Dusk, the lone zebra Empty Re: Dusk, the lone zebra on Wed Nov 16, 2016 6:28 pm

Probated, 2016-11-16

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5Dusk, the lone zebra Empty Re: Dusk, the lone zebra on Wed Nov 23, 2016 8:52 pm


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