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Midi "Overdose" SoundCaster

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1Midi "Overdose" SoundCaster Empty Midi "Overdose" SoundCaster on Sat Nov 12, 2016 3:25 am

  • Name (Character) - Midi "Overdose" SoundCaster
    SL Login Name - Tone Defarge
    Age: 29
    Languages Spoken (You may choose two to start with.) - Common, High Northern
    Gender- Stallion
    Species/Race- Pegasus (using batpony Racials)
    Cutie Mark (If Applicable)- Speaker with Medical Marks spurting out from the center.
    Allegiance/Faction - None

    Appearance - Midi "Overdose" SoundCaster 96ad56cd7257a75b6cbf0562915bdf70

    Character Tagged Skills - Survival, medicine, explosive

    Character Perks - General

    Too drunk to die, Fast metabolism, Augmented

    Character Perks - Racial

    (Batpony Racial) Formation - While within 3M of other allies, when you take damage greater than 1, your allies may elect to take damage in your place. In turn, you may take damage for your allies. Target of Damage may not reduce damage to 0, and must always take at least 1 damage.

    (Bat Racial) Taste for blood -  +1 HP when successfully inflicting Bleed. Affected by Fast Metabolism. (Living opponents only)

    (Augment/Robotic Racial) Overclock - For every HP Sacrificed with this perk, gain 3 AP

    Starting Gear

    Armor - 6

    Ranged- 6

    Melee - 5

    Special - 5

    Biography/Brief History

    Lt.Overdose, Ex-medical officer of the Enclave division sent out to Diablo Canyon. Loyalty, and purity where just some of the few words he lived by. Indoctrinated at a young age of the Pegasus home capital; it didn't take long for him to realize his true potential as he served under those he looked up to as heroes. During his deployment he thought the operation would be handled smoothly as expected with most operations under the Enclave. But disaster struck as he found himself evacuating the city, the ship, and his squad. They scattered unable to make contact with one another as damages to their equipment took their toll on his communications.  

    Half a year has gone by since then, and Overdose spent most of his life roaming the waste without much to really go on beyond stopping by town to town in hopes of possibly finding work.It's not his taste for things, being stuck on the surface without contact. But instead of giving up he used his skills to survive and adapt to the waste. Doing mostly merc work for most organizations that offer whatever caps they're willing to throw down; His past he keeps hidden as this has lead to him to doing several types of jobs depending on the client. Over time he did find himself gaining implants to improve his overall combat effectiveness while out on the field, but this was mostly self inflicted using his own means of surgery.

    This wasn't his only experience, due to the constant and seemingly endless wars; he has taken it upon himself to lower the stresses of it all by taking up drinking. Most of the time this Pegasus would be spotted near bars, some ponies wonder if he is ever sober during their encounters when they see him always having a bottle on hoof.

    Overdose spends his days mostly wondering the waste, helping himself or who he can at times but mostly to see how it will profit himself in the end.

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2Midi "Overdose" SoundCaster Empty Re: Midi "Overdose" SoundCaster on Wed Nov 16, 2016 2:49 am


Character approved for Probation

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3Midi "Overdose" SoundCaster Empty Re: Midi "Overdose" SoundCaster on Thu Dec 15, 2016 7:52 pm

Are you going to rp here? Please contact us.

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