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Returning Character - Titan Strength

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1Returning Character - Titan Strength Empty Returning Character - Titan Strength on Sun Oct 30, 2016 11:55 pm

Name: Titan Strength
SL Login Name: Screwball (ankoku.stourmead)
Age: 30
Languages Spoken: Common
Gender: Stallion
Species/Race: Earth Pony
Cutiemark: Red barbell
Allegiance/Faction: He is loyal to Torchlight
Appearance: Titan is a huge dark brown stallion with tattoos along his legs and face. He has no mane, dark red soul patch and tail. He wears mercenary gear.
Character Tagged Skills:
     Big Guns
Character Perks - General
     Iron Hoof (Years of Applebucking) - (-5) to critical hit threshold when utilizing unarmed melee.
     Finesse - (-5) to critical hit threshold.
     How We Do It Down on the Farm - On a successful critical hit, change your critical modifier to 3x.
Character Perks - Racial
     Berserker - For every HP missing, reduce Crit Threshold by 1.
     Juggerpony - (+3) to HP capacity if below or at level 15, (+5) if above level 15.
     Adrenaline Rush - (+1) to damage when character falls beneath half HP.
Starting Gear
     T5 Armor
     T4 Ranged
     T4 Melee
     T5 Special
Biography/Brief History:
     Titan Strength used to run his own raider gang, the Ink Tires, but after losing to Brick House, his gang was absorbed into Brick House's Legion. There he watched the mare Candle Wick become Torchlight and work up the ranks, gaining a respect for her. When she went to create a branch of the Legion in Diablo Canyon, he went after her to help. There he watched her fail to keep her gang together after she was named the new Brick House, but stuck with her until they got separated when the city was destroyed. Now he's learned that she's been captured by slavers, and as they near the town of Tumbleweed, he forms a plan to get her free.

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Character probated, 2016-11-01

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