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A very important announcement!

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1A very important announcement!  Empty A very important announcement! on Sat Oct 22, 2016 8:49 pm

D- on creative topic titles!

Due to matters I do not wish to get into publicly, Grumpy and Doctor Dash have decided to step down. Shadow and I have taken financial responsibility.

So what does this mean for you?

On the player side, very little will change. You will see a new staff, a new moderator board, a new discord, and a few minor changes here and there, but the system will not change a result, nor will there be any halting of daily tasks.

Read on if you want to have a summary of what is changing.

Expeditiouspony, Shadow Bolt, and Twiles are now 'Lead Administrators'

Barthanes is now 'Administrator'.

Luckless is now 'Lead Artist', to commemorate contribution.

Grumpy, Dash, and Banny are stepping down and are no longer a part of staff.


We will be using a new discord, the link of which will be posted to the old one, and in world.

In conclusion, we hope to make this change as smooth as possible, and we will be running things more or less the same as before. You should, however, see an uptick in activity from the staff.

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