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Luckless (Mud Slinger)

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1 Luckless (Mud Slinger) on Thu May 26, 2016 1:39 pm

Name (Character): Luckless
   SL Login Name: MulchLuckless
   Age: Unknown
   Languages spoke: Common, Feral
   Gender: Male
   Species/Race: Ghoul (Pegasus)
   Cutie Mark: N/A
   Allegiance/Faction: Himself
   Appearance: (See below)
   Character Skills: Sneak, Explosives, Unarmed
   Character Perks, General: Tribal Warrior, Hunter-Killer, Flail Master
   Character Perks, Racial: Feral Instinct, Eternal, Past Life - Ten Seconds Flat
   Starting Gear: Armour (+5)

Biography/Brief History: On the surface, Luckless is like any other ghoul: A morose-looking pony ravaged by decay. His age is unknown even to himself, and any memories he had prior to becoming a ghoul are foggy at best. Although his appearance suggests otherwise, Luckless was once a proud member of the Wonderbolts. His small stature granted him exceptional speed and agility in the skies. However, he detested the Enclave's ideals so deeply that he turned against his own team, leaving the group without a word. Declaired a traitor, Luckless was hunted down by his former allies and attacked. During the ambush, his wings were brutally stripped of feathers and flesh before he was cast into a shipping crate and buried alive.

   As far is Luckless is concerned, his "life" began in the box his assailants buried him in. He awoke in darkness; the world above rumbling with the war-torn state of the Equestrian wasteland. Emerging from the soil, he quickly realized that his body was beginning to decay as a result of being buried in a highly-radioactive area. The pegasus had become a ghoul--a blessing more so than a curse, he thought, as no one would recognize him.

   Luckless is far smaller and more scraggly than the average stallion. Nearly two centuries of isolation have stripped the ghoul of his social capabilities, rendering him animalistic and odd. He possesses an insatiable appetite, a lack of interest in clothing himself, poor hygiene, and the ability to speak Feral more eloquently than Common. In addition to these, he has a penchant for chems. Generally, he has no idea what is going on at any given time.

   Luckless' mind has suffered as a result of having been a ghoul for so long. He is prone to violent "feral" episodes in which he attacks his enemies mercilessly and is incapable of rational thought. Although he sometimes has difficulty remembering his actions during his feral attacks, he is aware that he is losing his mind completely, and typically avoids getting too close to anyone else. He tends to hide away in small, secluded spaces in order to protect himself.

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