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Jaxen's Rat Problem

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1Jaxen's Rat Problem Empty Jaxen's Rat Problem on Mon Oct 17, 2016 9:47 pm


Local Bulletin Board
"This is an odd job from Jaxen Shortfuse. I hear you folks at Tumbleweed killed one of those Draghouls. I seen some of you weak ass pansies trottin' around, kinda surprised any of you could do somethin' like that. So, if you're as bad as the rumors claim, I got a small rat problem. Ten of them to be exact. If you can track down these rats n' kill em, I'd be willin' to part with some choice gear. Come find me at The Shop if you're interested in this lil one time job offer..."

SL Name of Host: Niles Cournoyer
Mission Summary:
Slaughter the ten "Rats" for Jaxen, owner of the Black Market Shop
Suggested items: T4 Weapon or equivalent
Characters Participating: Any levels 10-20
Get rid of the rats!
Loot Node and 1500 caps to be divided among Participants.
Level of Danger:
Hilarious: Bring popcorn.

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