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Iron Daisy

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1Iron Daisy Empty Iron Daisy on Mon Oct 17, 2016 4:21 pm

Name (Character):
Iron Daisy
SL Login Name:
Starlight Nights (axonn377)
100+ Years
Languages Spoken:
Ghoul Earth Pony
A large strong gray green earth pony glowing ghoul with orange eyes. He wears a worn out leather jacket with a plaid green shirt underneath as well as many saddlebags.

Character Tagged Skills
Character Perks - General
Jury Rigging: Players with this perk may combine three items of the same tier (only two must be the same type of item) to create one single item of a higher tier.
Tribal Warrior: (+1) damage when using any melee (unarmed or armed).
Strong Buck: Receive (3) additional unlock points for the purposes of unlocking skills in the unarmed tree.
Character Perks - Racial
Cancerous Growth: Radiation has a restorative benefit to you: (+1) HP restored per turn in contact with rads.
Glowing One: (+10) to initiative rolls. In addition, you have a (+5) hit chance against those below you in initiative. Emit 10 rads per turn naturally in a 3m radius around you.
Past Life: Take this perk and swap it out with one from the racial tree that you once belonged to.
Juggerpony: (+3) to HP capacity if below or at level 15, (+5) if above level 15.
Starting Gear
T5 Armor
Biography/Brief History
Iron Daisy has little memory of life before his ghoulification. A blow to the head rendered him unconscious and when he woke up, the world was in flames and was glowing bright green. His name was given to him by some passerby, who mocked him for his love of flowers and quick resolve to defend them. He has wondered the wastelands, looking for a place called home. Tumbleweed will be his next stop.

Note: (Any leftover base levels can be placed on this character.)

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2Iron Daisy Empty Re: Iron Daisy on Mon Oct 17, 2016 11:41 pm

Character on probation, 2016-10-17

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3Iron Daisy Empty Re: Iron Daisy on Tue Oct 25, 2016 12:41 am

Character passed, respec allowed within one week.

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