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Character Application Corona

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1Character Application Corona Empty Character Application Corona on Sun Oct 16, 2016 11:20 pm

Name (Character):
SL Login Name:
     Screwball (ankoku.stourmead)
Languages Spoken:
     Ghoul Unicorn
     Green Flame
     A light gray unicorn glowing ghoul with milky white eyes, but isn't blind. She wears black boots, a black leather jacket, and a dirty blond wig. The eyelids of her right eye have rotted away, meaning she always has one eye open.
Character Tagged Skills
     Small Guns
Character Perks - General
     A Little Dash: (+5) permanent increase to your action point pool.
     Celestial Aid: Once per scene, you may reattempt immediately in any instance you fail a roll.
      Mare-Do-Ill: You receive (3) points to spend in the Sneak tree for the purposes of unlocking skills.
Character Perks - Racial
     Cancerous Growth: Radiation has a restorative benefit to you: (+1) HP restored per turn in contact with rads.
    Glowing One: (+10) to initiative rolls. In addition, you have a (+5) hit chance against those below you in initiative. Emit 10 rads per turn naturally in a 3m radius around you.
    Past Life: Take this perk and swap it out with one from the racial tree that you once belonged to.
          Noble Blooded: For every (5) levels you increase, receive (1) additional point to spend on skills.
Starting Gear
     T5 Armor
Biography/Brief History
     Corona is a glowing ghoul unicorn with an affinity for radiation and fire. She used to be a caravan trader, but after a caravan run got her ghoulified, she quit that line of work. Now she travels the wasteland for interesting locations and stories, as well as meeting new and interesting ponies. She comes across Tumbleweed and gets curious about the desert town.

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2Character Application Corona Empty Re: Character Application Corona on Mon Oct 17, 2016 11:17 pm

Character on probation, 2016-10-17

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3Character Application Corona Empty Re: Character Application Corona on Tue Oct 25, 2016 12:37 am

Character passed. Respec offered within one week.

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