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Missions Template

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1Missions Template Empty Missions Template on Tue Oct 04, 2016 8:49 pm



  • SL Name of Admin/Moderator Host(Or Character):
  • Faction Affiliation:
    If any, place it here
  • Requirements:
    If any, place them here. Restrictions include anything from race or skillset requirements to Faction Affiliations.
  • Mission Summary:
    An elevator pitch of the Adventure. Example: "Escort the Caravan through Giant Rattlesnake Valley."
  • Goal:
    The win conditions/reason of your Mission.
  • Reward:
    X Affinity/Node/Caps (You can never earn more than one Affinity per mission, or 1 Affinity per week)
  • Recommended Level/Participants:
    The preferred levels you're looking for. Example: (Levels 10-20)

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