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character Profile : Green hoof

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1 character Profile : Green hoof on Thu May 26, 2016 1:12 pm

Name Green hoof
SL Streephan
Age: 30
Languages Spoken
Common, High northern
Species/Race Unicorn
Cutie Mark  a peach and rose tree with a heart and med cross on the trunk.
Allegiance/Faction: N/A
Appearance :

Character Perks - General
Tastes Good to Me
Jury Rigging
Character Perks - Racial
Advanced spells, Expert Spells, Noble blooded
Starting Gear 5 special

Biography/Brief History
Born in the  horticultual experental vault 119 she was raised like many before in her family line to continue the vaults one true purpose to bring nature back to the wastes should that day ever come when they'd return to the surface world, from a young age she was adept at natural magics such as healing and cleansing of not just ponys but plans and the land itself havign her named after her pre war ascestor.

one day an unidentified object fell from the wasteland skies burying itself depe into the stable causing great amounts pf radiation to leak into the stable mutating planst and pony alike by some stroke of luck or soem would say divine intervesion she managed to escape in one piece with a few other ponies she knew, they all staying close to the stable to afraid to brave the wastes or abandon their now destroyed and toxic home to create the survivors of the stable  faction up in the northern mountains.

while she decided this was her chance to do as she was raised too and rebuild the wastes usisng her magic and knowlage, sadly all did not go to plan as many attempts to reintriduce ponies to  produce was mat with distrust and scepitsism or   envy from more technologicly inclined groups who would try steal her  technology and work  books.
forcing her to keep traveling till she reaches a small town where she settle down only to soon see it destroyed from with in and out.

pickign up what she could she headed to the big city with many others from the town she knew and altohugh all seemed to be goign smoothly for the most part the same happened there also and no ooner had she settled back into her ways she was again forced to flee but this time had to levae her precios machines behind only able ot carry sacks of seeds and  her work books she set up a new base of operations in Dragons end proving food, medicine, drugs and  medical attention to those near by under her name she was given by the wastelands green hoof.

with her trust donkey assistant and new friends she hopes for a brighter future even i nthe middle of a hostile scourched desert.

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