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Character Application - Dodo

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1Character Application - Dodo Empty Character Application - Dodo on Sun Sep 25, 2016 10:21 pm

Name (Character)
SL Login Name
     Screwball (ankoku.stourmead)
Languages Spoken (You may choose two to start with.)
     Common, Feral
     Earth Pony
Cutie Mark
     A dodo bird
     Unaffiliated Raider
     Light blue body with gray eyes and mint green mane and tail.
Character Tagged Skills
     Small Guns, Sneak, Speech
Character Perks - General
     Fluttershy's Apostle(+1) Dice when using a Bluff-check on animal NPCs. You have an animal companion! This companion is a permanent part of your character and cannot be permanently killed without consent. It can be represented with any type of animal within acceptible lore/Admin Approval. This companion is half your Level with 5 HP, (T4) Armor and deal 1 Base Damage. Your companion must be healed by utilizing items, and if they go down in battle, they run away. A (T3) Homecooked Meal must be sacrificed to coax them back home. If your companion is permanently killed, you may gain another animal companion after 24 hours by sacrificing a (T3) Homecooked Meal to tame a new friend. (limit one companion per character at a time).
     Jury RiggingPlayers with this perk may combine three items of the same tier (only two must be the same type of item) to create one single item of a higher tier.
     Tastes Good To MePermits the creation of Food and Beverage items by sacrificing Raw Materials.
Character Perks - Racial
      Juggerpony(+3) to HP capacity if below or at level 15, (+5) if above level 15.
     Shake It OffAt any point a condition affects you, roll 50 or higher (after modifiers) to negate the Condition.
     Raise That Barn(+3) increase to the amount of HP restored when you heal others.
Starting Gear
     Tier 5 Armor
Biography/Brief History
     Dodo was never that bright. Born to a family in a small town, she spent her childhood trying to help her parents with their shop, but she was never very good at it. When she was around 12, slavers attacked and captured  everyone in the town, but by sheer dumb luck, they failed to find little Dodo, who hid in the floorboards. Once they were gone, Dodo stayed, thinking her parents would come back eventually, until a raider gang came through town looking for supplies. Finding only Dodo there, they looted the place, but the older gang leader, a large earth pony named Moose, took a liking to her and took her with him, treating her like a daughter. Because of this, she ended up becoming a raider, but a protected one because of Moose, which was good because she was not very good at it, forgetting her gun at home or even helping her target. The gang eventually got tired of dealing with her over the years and a little after she turned 16, the strongest member of the gang challenged Moose, succeeding in killing him and taking over the gang. The first thing he did was kick Dodo out, viewing her as not even worth taking care of. And so, Dodo was on her own, traveling aimlessly and trying to rob ponies of what she needed to live. Often this just ended with her targets giving her what she needed out of pity. During one of her exploratory excursions into a nearby city, she came across a balefire phoenix. She had always liked the birds she'd seen in a pre-war book she'd kept from that town so long ago, and became interested in this bird. She soon found out that she had a natural understanding of the phoenix, and quickly bonded with the radiated bird. From that point on, she and the phoenix, whom she had named Blaze, traveled together, and eventually came across Rock Bottom.

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2Character Application - Dodo Empty Re: Character Application - Dodo on Tue Sep 27, 2016 2:06 am


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