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New Character - Project Crux-A0.2

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1New Character - Project Crux-A0.2 Empty New Character - Project Crux-A0.2 on Tue Sep 20, 2016 11:24 pm

Name: Unnamed (Technically Project Crux-A0.2)
SL Login Name: themysterywolf
Age: 197
Languages: Common, Low Common
Gender: Male
Race: Robot
Appearance: Grey with damaged left eye. Big power pack with a box on the right side. Creepy smile plastered on his face.
Allegiance/Faction: None
Character Tagged Skills: Flight, Sneak, Science
Character Perks (General):

  • Computer Whiz

  • Student Of The Followers

  • Jury Rigging

Character Perks (Racial):

  • Automated Repair Systems

  • Advanced Armour

  • Protocol Schmotocol

Starting Gear:
Tier 3 Armor, Tier 2 Ranged


Prepare yourselves, it's a long one.

In a secluded robotics laboratory, funded by sleezy government officials with an agenda, out for power and more money; 5 scientists are hard at work. Alex Jones, the programmer, Dark Canvas, the designer, Steel 'The Workhorse' Bolt, the builder, Suede Kindheart, the psychologist and an unnamed shadowy foreman in control of the operation. They were in the process of building the first Alien/Terran hybrid automaton, under contract to immediately sell it to the military for no-questions-asked profit for the stacked corrupt corporate layers who loom over watching everything and knowing nothing. After a few years of almost tireless labor, they created Project Crux-A0.2, a prototype with high tech Alien poly-mematic alloy, for lifelike freedom of movement, a huge systems pack, complete with extending wings, power generator, extra-computational package, music players and so much more. An intimidating display of craftsmanship and the prowess of millions of dollars in research and development -along with a few fun toys from another world.- They set it up with a massive learning computer, condensed into a smaller microprocessing center with alien circuitry for quick computations and decision-making. The designer, Dark Canvas was a bit loopy, but he was the only one in charge of the appearance. He gave it an intensely uncanny face with an inability to move its mouth when it speaks to emphasize how alien it truly is. It was given an almost mirror-like reflective black coat of paint to stand out amongst other machines. Steel, of course put it all together without rest, as he has an ability to work for days without sleeping. Once completed, they set him in his charging bay and kept him pristine for a presentation he was to undergo in the days following.

Fast Forward a few days >>

The 2 days before the the big presentation, an anti-government spinoff (The spinoff is the fact that there is a small robotics company called COR and CORE claims to represent them) terrorist organization known as CORE managed to sneak into the compound and make off with Project Crux-A0.2. They added a few of their own details and hid him in a mine tunnel for later use for a planned act of terrorism the following month.

The act of terrorism was brought to a halt when a swift, silent investigation found the terrorists and their hideout. They were executed without a trial in the darkness that was the corporate machine. Project Crux-A0.2 was never located before the bombs fell 1 year later. (That number can be modified if need be) Project Crux-A0.2 sat in its charging port, somewhat preserved by the abandoned mine tunnel, only being effected by centuries of erosion on its paint and perhaps a few software problems that went unchecked for many decades.

After 197 years of being hidden, Project Crux-A0.2 was uncovered by 2 adventuring scavengers: Bedlum 'Insanity' Bizarre and Hitch Caravan; exploring for food, other people, tools, money and other supplies. They found Project Crux-A0.2 offline, sitting it his charging bay, untouched for centuries. Unable to remove the heavy automaton from his charging bay or the bay itself, they searched for a nearby town (Tumbleweed) and asked its people for assistance moving the heavy machine, out of curiosity and a possible chance for salvage parts and more supplies.

He now sits and waits to be activated and configured by whoever powers him on first.

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2New Character - Project Crux-A0.2 Empty Re: New Character - Project Crux-A0.2 on Wed Sep 21, 2016 4:57 pm

Character approved. 2016-09-21

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