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Character Creation for Octavitius Primus

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1Character Creation for Octavitius Primus Empty Character Creation for Octavitius Primus on Tue Sep 20, 2016 2:37 pm

Name: Octavitius Primus
SL Login Name: sindku.Andel
Age: 23
Languages Spoken: Common,Low Common
Species/Race: Earth Pony
Cutie Mark:Character Creation for Octavitius Primus 35facf5b1d395ff8429c01a3ed66dccb
Appearance: Well Endorsed by his Sponsor And Master He had be given a few armor sets such as a bronze breast plat Gilded in Faded Gold and, Greaves to match. He Hid his face in a Thracian helm. Had a Darkish Grey Coat and silver to white mane. Tended do carry a Combat net with him on his hip.
Character Tagged Skills:Melee,Survival,unarmed
Character Perks:Piercing Hoof / Piercing Strike,Tribal Warrior,A Little Dash
Character Perks - Racial:Juggerpony,Adrenaline Rush,Raise That Barn
Starting Gear: T5 Armor
Armor, Ranged, Melee, and/or Special.
Biography/Brief History: Sold To slavers as a Foal. Octavitius was Trained in the pits and field to be a fighter for other ponies amusement. Though this fighting was more in the Pits and Victory was determined on your will to survive and if you're lucky enough to get a weapon from your masters or sponsors. You would see more archaic weapons then guns or explosives, Such as Knives,Spiked Hooves,Brass Hooves,Bows,Javelins,Spears,Shields, And Etc. Octavitius was more found of the spear when growing up, Easier to keep the much larger opponents away and light to carry on his small frame. Bludgeoned,Beaten,Starved,Cut,Stabbed and any other matter of harm. Has Taught him how to survive in the pit, Grooming him in to a well trained Fighter Even a Death claw should be afraid Of his well trained and Toughened Figure. Upon winning several other victories,fights, and  Bets placed on him he was given permission to Have his freedom but denied instead choosing to fight. Upon the death of his master from a pony who lost a bet and wanted his caps back he chose his freedom next time it was offered.

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2Character Creation for Octavitius Primus Empty Re: Character Creation for Octavitius Primus on Tue Sep 27, 2016 12:29 pm

Character approved. 2016-09-27

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