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(New Character) Hawthorne

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1(New Character) Hawthorne Empty (New Character) Hawthorne on Mon Sep 19, 2016 12:43 am

Name (Character) Hawthorne
SL Login Name Jgarish
Age 19
Languages Spoken: Common, Low Common
Species/Race Erf Pone
Cutie Mark (If Applicable) Cross with a heart
Allegiance/Faction (If Applicable)
Appearance (Image or short description.) (New Character) Hawthorne 1f8dc37910a8f654d4c1db99805d6bd4
Character Tagged Skills
Medicine, Melee, Science
Character Perks - General
Tribal Warrior, Field Medic, Fast Metabolism
Character Perks - Racial
Healing of The Mother Earth, Move Like Water, Racist Barn
Starting Gear (Maximum of 5 points worth.)
T5 Armor
Biography/Brief History

Hawthorne is a traveling medic/handyman. Born in Equestria, somewhere outside of appleoosa, Hawthorne bounced around jobs for several years until the town doctor took him on as an apprentice. The Doc died before he could be fully trained and Hawthorne now travels between towns to practice his trade.

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2(New Character) Hawthorne Empty Re: (New Character) Hawthorne on Mon Sep 19, 2016 10:00 pm

Character approved. 2016-09-19

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