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Character Application: Stellaris

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1Character Application: Stellaris Empty Character Application: Stellaris on Thu May 26, 2016 12:43 pm

Name : Stellaris
SL Login Name: Streephan
Age: 30
Languages Spoken:
Common, Changeling
Gender: mare
Species/Race changleing
Cutie Mark N/A
Allegiance/Faction N/A
Appearance :in her natural form she is a tall dark grey almost black scaled looking changeling female with long flowing blue mane and tail and deep blue eyes. in her disguise she is a creamy brown earth pont mare with dark rown hair and blue eyes with dark brown fur tufts and lower legs and ears.
Character Tagged Skills: Big Guns, Medicine, Science

Character Perks - General
A Little Dash
Field Medic
Character Perks - Racial
Split Personality
Captain of the Guard
Starting Gear : 5 special

Biography/Brief History
at a young age she woke up in them iddle of the wastes with no memory of where she was from or how she was meant to act over the years she kept her self disguised among ponies feeding off the excess emotions of ponies while trying not to hurt them she became much like a pony in many way not knowing how her race was meant to act and by spending many years helping ponies and caring for them, weather it be as a medic or a repair mare.

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2Character Application: Stellaris Empty Re: Character Application: Stellaris on Thu May 26, 2016 12:53 pm


Character Approved 5/26/16
Character Data Updated, Moved to Database.

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