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New Character - TwinkleBerry

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1 New Character - TwinkleBerry on Sun Sep 18, 2016 5:34 am

Here's my character information.
Name: TwinkleBerry

SL Login Name: Djawn resident

Age: 21

Languages Spoken: common

Gender: Female

Species/Race: standard Earth Pony

Cutie Mark: A raspberry with four star-like marks.

Allegiance/Faction: N/A

Banana yellow body, violet purple eyes, white shirt maned hair, spiked (by clippers or brier bushes)

Racial Perks:
Way of the Fruit

General Perks:
Counter Canter
How we do it on the Farm


Beginning gear: T5 Armor

After 200 years of keeping an eye on a berry farm, barricaded and high fenced with barb wire. (this being weeks after the bombs hit) a small community, which slowly dwindled every year with less and less ponies. It was at this moment, the life-force of this community, the last remaining berry and fruit plants begin to grow less and less harvest. Twinkleberry had no company other than her big brother, who often would go out and return with very little, scavenging the land that lay empty. It was at this moment when the plant harvest was small, did the two decide to do whatever they could for salvation, to preserve their lively hood. It was up to Twinkleberry to find greener pastures, places more lively and less barren to take her last remaining berries seeds, and her brother split off to go find a Stable, in hopes to find more ponies out there for help. Both Ponies took each path, and hoped to find one another again, in a time where they could plant and live out another farm.

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2 Re: New Character - TwinkleBerry on Sun Sep 18, 2016 6:05 am

Character Approved and moved to the database 9/18/2016

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