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New Character: Velia Ryker

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1 New Character: Velia Ryker on Thu Sep 15, 2016 12:34 am

Name: Velia Ryker
SL Login Name: SakikoMiley.Resident
Age: 19
Languages Spoken: Low Common, Common
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Pegasus
Allegiance/Faction: None

Character Tagged Skills: Sneak ~ Flight ~ Speech

Character Perks - General
Ghost: (+10) to sneak skill rolls
Infiltrator: In the event you fail a sneak based skillroll, recieve an automatic retry
Thief: (+10) chance to stealing rolls

Character Perks - Racial
Ten Seconds Flat: Once per scene, you may utilize a skill in a tree that you have tagged as if you have adepted it (automatic success), regardless if you've spent points in it.
Catnap: During combat, regenerate (+4) AP for every turn skipped.
Evasion: Once per battle: roll against an enemy attack, if your roll is higher than the opponent's, you suffer no damage. This applies to all attacks against you until your next turn.

Starting Gear: Tier 5 Armor
Biography/Brief History:

Velia grew up in the wasteland, with her caretaker and brother. They lived day to day, with him killing and catching their meals, and her using her smaller, quieter nature to sneak into settlements to take what was needed. One day, her brother didn't return from a hunt at the designated time, and he had never been late before, so Velia snuck out and tracked him, using his hoofprints and the like, only to find what remained of her brother being gnawed on by a hellhound. Horrified and Sickened by the sight, Veila ran and ran, back to the last settlement she had stolen from, only to be caught and jailed for her crime. After a few months of languishing in a cell, Velia emerged a much less emotional child than she already was, and wandered settlement to settlement, sneaking in and out of homes to steal supplies before moving on without remorse. Over time, her stealth grew to an adept level, and she was even slipping trinkets from pockets in broad daylight without being caught. This continues even to this day, until one day she happened upon another settlement, one seemingly newer, going by the name of "Tumbleweed".

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2 Re: New Character: Velia Ryker on Thu Sep 15, 2016 12:09 pm

Character Approved and moved to the database. 2016-09-15

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