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Character Application: Astral Vision

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1Character Application: Astral Vision Empty Character Application: Astral Vision on Thu Sep 15, 2016 12:32 am

Name (Character): Astral Vision

SL Login Name: Corvus (lightninggear)

Age: Unknown. A.I age is 19.

Languages Spoken (You may choose two to start with.): Common, Low common

Options: Common, Low Common, Feral, Zebrican, High Northern, Changeling

Gender: Genderless. A.I gender is male.

Species/Race: Robot Pony

Cutie Mark (If Applicable): Small, yellow blue and red swirl galaxy with a white star in the middle.

Allegiance/Faction (If Applicable): M.A.S

Appearance (Image or short description.)
Character Application: Astral Vision Y2HqMvv

Character Tagged Skills: Science, Speech, Survival

Character Perks - General: Computer Whiz, Jury Rigging, A Little Dash

Character Perks - Racial: Kinetic Dynamo, Administrator Access, Behind Me Meatbag

Starting Gear (Maximum of 5 points worth.)
Armor, Ranged, Melee, and/or Special.

T5 armor, T0 Ranged, T0 Melee, T0 Special

Biography/Brief History:  Before the bombs made the world into a crimson abyss, there was a high end ministry that specialized in moving technology forward. That ministry was known as M.A.S, or Ministry of Arcane Sciences. This company is responsible for the discovery of using lightning cloud energy to harness electricity. Modern day inventions such as gems that can store magic, moving pony kind forward from the bronze age to the iron age in half the time it was predicted to take. But that was before war took the majority of their genius minds and efforts to creating weapons to stow the river of pony blood spilled. bits turned into blades. castle walls turned into another notch for a innocent pony grave. Love and tolerance took a back seat in these dark times.

But the minority of those intelligent scientists still existed, and amongst the hate and death around them, they came up with an idea so unbelievably crazy, it just might work. They would build a robot with a mind of its own, but with the sole objective of  helping ponies remember love and tolerance once more. Organic ponies may have more complex thinking processes, but they were still mortal. A robot could last a century if preserved right. increasing chances of finally bringing harmony again. The Board thought the idea was not only blasphemous, but dangerous. A robot with a mind of its own? What if it decided to turn on them instead of doing what it was supposed to do? Those brilliant minded scientists would not get any help on their project, nor any funding. So they had to work outside of regulations to make this dream a reality. Instead of the standardized three laws, Directives were stated in this emulated pony brain to keep it in line with what it was made to do.

Directive 01: primary objective; "Aid organics of the future in understanding love and tolerance" by any means necessary. the process in which this objective is completed is determined by your own merit.

Directive 02: Avoid hostile conflict whenever and however you can, unless self integrity, or integrity of other organics is threatened at a class 6 or above level.

Directive 03: Any opportunities to increase survivability and data preservation on yourself, other organics, or in your environment must be taken unless it conflicts with Directive 02.

Years pass. Scientific minds pass on to the next. War rages on. The dream was a reality, but would it work? They did not have enough time to answer that question before the bomb threats would become more than just a mere bluff. Sealing away their hope to make things right in a reinforced bunker, hooked up to a timed computer that will activate their creation within a certain amount of years, They could only hope that the future will be a little brighter with Astral around. They held onto that thought for dear life as the iron fireball collided with the earth, turning most likely the entirety of MAS, and its inhabitants, to ash.

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2Character Application: Astral Vision Empty Re: Character Application: Astral Vision on Thu Sep 15, 2016 2:07 am

Character Approved, Added to Database (9/15/2016)

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