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The Bird - Returning Character once named Desert Suyi

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Name (Character): The Bird

SL Login Name: aayumimikoto

Age: /NA/

Languages Spoken: None

Gender: Female

Species/Race: Zebra

Cutie Mark: 'To create luck'

Allegiance/Faction: Itself

Appearance: A deathly-thin zebra foal, wearing a bone mask. A power-hoof is grafted to it's leg.

Tagged Skills: Sneak, Speech, Melee

Character Perks:
Bluff Master, Counter Canter, Thief, Hoof to Hoof, Stipus Incognitus, Potent Poisons
Learned Skills:
Quick Reflexes (VII), Opportunist (VI), Sleight of Hoof (VII)

Starting Gear: /NA/

Biography/Brief History:

The foal known as Desert Suyi is gone.

The Bird did not remember Suyi. It did not remember anything but hunger, and cold. There are flashes sometimes, however: a yellow Pegasus, a not-pony-metal Father. A ghoul King.

It remembered being safe, once. Protected. Respected.

It remembered meat the most, however; it remembers how to use the not-leg-hoof that was stuck to it. How to kill rats. What bits of garbage it could choke down before it got sick. It remembered it had lost something, too .. and seemed determined to find it.

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Character reapproved and moved to the database. 2016-09-09

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