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Kuponya Zote

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1Kuponya Zote Empty Kuponya Zote on Tue Sep 06, 2016 12:35 am

Name (Character): Kuponya Zote
SL Login Name: expeditiouspony
Age (Measured in ‘human years'.): 19
Languages Spoken: Commmon and Zebrican (100%), High Northern (5%), Feral (10%)
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Zebra
Cutie Mark (If Applicable): A tribal marking
Allegiance/Faction (If Applicable): None yet.
Appearance (Image or short description.) A typical black and white zebra.

Character Skills (*Optional. Select 3.
Unarmed, Medicine, Small Guns
Character Perks - General
Fluttershy’s Apostle
Character Perks - Racial
Tribal Traditionalist
Perfect Dosage
That Green Stuff

Starting Gear (Maximum of 5 points worth.)
T5 armor

Bio: Following the disaster that afflicted Diablo canyon, Zote finds herself lost with her daughter in the general region of Tumbleweed. She, like many others, seeks her place (too lazy to write this)


(Old Biography/Brief History(edited)
Kuponya Zote hails from an isolated tribe located somewhere in the remains of old Zebraica. Though nomadic in nature, she never really learned too much about her homeland-the tribe tended to stay away from the eyes of any major settlement.

She holds a respect for all life, though is not afraid to take it. She was taught both how to take a life, and how to save it. Her tribe empathized that the choice was hers, and hers alone.

Through most of her early life, she chose the former. As a result, she gained a respect for the afflicted animals she often came across, and seemingly they gained respect for her. She found herself rarely attacked as she practiced a bit of common sense.

Her somewhat idyllic life with her tribe ended as herself and most of her tribe was captured by a fairly rich wastelander and her overportective father when she was 15. Most were forced in binds, but she was quickly taken to be the favorite and allowed the wear fancy clothes and have a better station in life compared to her tribe. She was brought to Equestria, then Roanoak, wherein she served somewhat faithfully under the 'princess', despite the beatings...

Some years later, the Princess lost her pet, 'Tinkles'. Zote was convinced by one of the wayward adventurers to rebel against her master. Though it ended up working, her rebellion cost her the lives of her enthralled tribesman.

Now she's left in Diablo Canyon-to decide for herself if her former master is worthy of life, and perhaps others....

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