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Spiral - New Character

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1 Spiral - New Character on Wed Aug 24, 2016 2:30 pm

Name: Spiral

SL Login Name: Sigma.Twine


Languages Spoken: Changeling

Gender: Male

Species/Race: Changeling

Cutie Mark: (If Applicable)

Allegiance/Faction: (If Applicable)

Appearance: A Changeling, it has a stature and normal size, however carapace much more fragile than a changeling, her wings are sparkling blue were not made for flying, only to glide for a short period to stifle a fall..

Character Tagged Skills:
Sneak, Survival and Unarmed

Character Perks: - General
Fast Metabolism, Mare-do-Ill and Silent Gallop

Character Perks: - Racial
Swarm Master,Holier than thou and Empath

Starting Gear: (Maximum of 5 points worth.)
1 Armor, 0 Ranged, 2 Melee, 2 Special.

Biography/Brief History:
[Coming from the stables 37, spiral was one of the experiments that were developing it in, on producing a hybrid able to filter out background radiation, however for being the first, it turned out the same, not filtered but saturated the radiation environment so that I felt threatened ... being sentenced to discard, but managed to escape and safety through the tunnels out of the stables.

Alone now in wastelands it looks for ways to look for his species, despite it not really know what it is, just a foal, he tries to dodge everything that can scare him because it can not contain the release of radiation body accumulates with time.

An important fact to observe and that even when this with very bright wings is that this fully loaded with radiation, and this begins to affect his body, demonstrating that it is not immune to the harmful effects of radiation.

No one yet knows what goes on inside the stables 35 and the experiences made him, and Spiral never likes to remember much of what happened, however while sleeping it still has nightmares with reference to a mare of greenish hair that made experiences it.]

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2 Re: Spiral - New Character on Wed Aug 24, 2016 3:14 pm

Character approved after discussing backstory caveats. 2016-08-24.

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