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New Character - SX-1009: Rob

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1New Character - SX-1009: Rob Empty New Character - SX-1009: Rob on Wed Aug 24, 2016 1:49 pm

Name: SX-1009: Rob

SL Login name: themysterywolf

Age: 214

Languages: Common, Low Common

Gender: Gender-less Automaton

Race: RobCo Securitron (Robot)

Appearance: Highly Damaged and rusted RobCo PDQ-88b securitron MK1 with damaged screen that displays an image of a pony wearing a cowboy outfit.

Allegiance/Faction (If Applicable): None

Character Tagged Skills: Science, Survival, Medicine

Character Perks (General)

  • Computer Whiz

  • Magitechnologist

  • Jury Rigging

Character Perks (Racial)

  • Administrator Access

  • Behind Me Meatbag

  • Modular Defenses

Starting Gear: Teir 5 Armor

SX-1009 was decommissioned in the first 2 years of being manufactured due to the nuclear fallout and explosions. Later, SX-1009 was re-commissioned by an engineer wandering the wastelands. SX-1009 was disarmed by the engineer for safety purposes -The weapons were malfunctioning and often misfired-. SX-1009 was found in a RobCo manufacturing plant 200 years after it's build date. Rob was sent to gather supplies for the engineer, only to be intercepted by a gang of bandits whom assumed SX-1009 was armed and dangerous. The Bandits damaged SX-1009's optical sensors and GPS tracking system and thus was parted from the engineer. SX-1009 wandered the wastelands for another 14 years before being repaired and reprogrammed by a novice science student. SX-1009 Was programmed to defend and protect anyone registered as a friend as well as be a decent hacking tool. Friends are logged when they either behave friendly to SX-1009 or request assistance. The novice science student nicknamed SX-1009 'Rob.' Rob was again separated from its rescuer when again, its sensors were damaged. Rob now wanders the Wastelands aimlessly, using its rudimentary personality to log more friendlies and protecting those who ask for it.

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2New Character - SX-1009: Rob Empty Re: New Character - SX-1009: Rob on Wed Aug 24, 2016 2:15 pm

Character approved and moved to the database. 2016-08-24

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