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Banjo Strings

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1Banjo Strings Empty Banjo Strings on Tue Aug 02, 2016 3:02 am

Name (Character): Banjo Strings
SL Login Name: WaitingForSaber
Age: 240
Languages Spoken: Common, limited Zebrican
Gender: Female
Race: Earth Pony
Cutie Mark: A banjo
Allegiance/Faction: Her paycheck
Appearance: Orange coat with a brown mane and tail, four cybernetic limbs, a cybernetic eye wearing black body armor and a skintight body suit underneath.
Character Tagged Skills: Energy Weapons, Sneak, Unarmed
Character Perks - General: Augmented, Grunt, Nimble Moves
Character Perks - Racial: Automated Repair Systems, Steady Grip, Move Like Water
Starting Gear: Tier 5 Armor

Banjo Strings, called Jo for short, was a veteran of the war that lead to Equestria's destruction where she was severely wounded in action by a land mine. For a year she was confined to a hospital bed and hooked up to life support systems until her application for cybernetic rehabilitation by a non-profit organization with ties to the Ministry of Peace was approved. Said organization provided her with the best cybernetic limbs and organs that money can buy, complete with magical self-repair functions. Her new lease on life was shortlived, however as only a decade later the bombs fell. Due to the nature of her implants she has hardly aged at all in the 200+ years she has been roaming the wastelands working as a hired gun to buy the gems that keep her implants running and therefore keeping her alive. She sometimes contemplates quitting life altogether and just letting her implants run out of power, but a part of her feels like she still has something to look forward to despite all the shitty things she's been through.

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Character Approved 8/16/16

Database Updated

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