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Skillpoint Receipts/Respecs

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Mechanics: Skillpoint Receipts
Here, you may post Receipts to spend Skillpoints to unlock skills or lower their activation difficulty.

You may easily check how many skillpoints you have on the character database; http://tinyurl.com/hs8xdr6
The amount of SP you have is equal to your level (Pending perks) and is short-handed as "SP" on the spreadsheet. Pay attention to SP Spent and SP, as you will only have the remainder of the difference.

On the Database Spreadsheet, SP is under Column Q and SP Spent is under Column P.


Now, when unlocking a skill, there is a cost associated, the cheapest being 2 Points: Difficulty 20, the next being, 3 Points: Difficulty 30, next being 4 Points: Difficulty 40, next being, 5 Points: Difficulty 50, and finally, 6 Points: Difficulty 60.
To auto-adept (Does not require a roll or have a chance of failure) a skill, you must first purchase the skill and then, for every SP you spend on it afterwards, the difficulty is reduced by 10.
(You do not have to Adept skills, building you skill pool wide is an option)

Cost to Adept as follows;

  • 3 Point Skill: 6 SP to Adept
  • 4 Point Skill: 8 SP to Adept
  • 5 Point Skill: 10 SP to Adept
  • 6 point Skill: 12 SP to Adept

Skills can be found here:  http://tinyurl.com/zn78ftv
Note: You can only purchase skills out of your three Tagged Categories.
Spending more Skillpoints than you have will result in your Receipt being deleted.

Posting your Receipt;
After you understand the above, you must post your Receipt as follows:

  • Skillpoint Receipt
  • Character Name:
  • Skill Bought/Upgraded:
  • Points Spent:

Skillpoint Receipt
Character: Deadringer
Science: Spot Weld
3 Points to learn and then 3 to Adept
Skillpoint Receipt
Magic: Thaumaturgy: Arcane: Arcane Weapon
3 points
Skillpoint Receipt
Character: Luckless
Sneak: Turntail
2 points

Mechanics: Respecs
Respecs allow you to refund all your SP and re-allocate your General Perks and Racial Perks for the cost of 2000 Caps.

Free Respecs are available if major changes to the system are made, affecting any of your characters.

Respecs are to be posted as such:

  • Respec Receipt
  • Character Name
  • General Perks
  • Racial Perks
  • Skills Purchased/Points Used

If you are only replacing a couple perks, you may state that in your Respec Receipt;

  • Respec Receipt
  • Character Name
  • Perk X for Perk Y

Respect Receipt
Character: Empyrean
General Perks: Tribal Warrior, Leader, Medical Engineer
Racial Perks: Mighty Spell Rank(1), Mighty Spell Rank(2), Mighty Spell rank(3)
Magic: Thaumaturgy: Arcane: Arcane Weapon
12 Points
Small Guns: Double Tap
10 Points

Respec Receipt
Character: Deadringer
Racial Perks: Deflective Plating for Advance Armor

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For Your Information....

You may trigger a bug in the process of doing a skill receipt. If you do /3skills while not having any, you may break your rp tools ability to bring up any of your character information.

If this occurs, right click your rp tool's object inworld, go to the content tab, then click the 'rests scripts' button. This will wipe any custom data in your title, so you will need to re-setup your tool to your liking.

To avoid this bug, please wait for an admin or mod to tell you a receipt is done before doing this command.

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Respecs can be earned through selling gear. (gear is worth jaxsen's buying prices)

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