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Busy Work Schedules: Advice and Thoughts please

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So... I'm sure most of you are like "Who's dis Guy" but that's what I want to talk about cuz I haven't RP'ed in awhiiiile. 
To keep this simple I work for the Food Operations department at an amusement park, lately I've been starting work at 10am and getting home around midnight. This hasn't only affected my RP'ing but also all other Video games and my art. One of the better solutions to my total absence would be if I'd hop on for maybe a half hour to an hour from time to time. But in my experience that makes a pretty crap RP. If I make it all shitty for myself I'm afraid I'll loose enthusiasm for this group.
On the "Bright side" these mad hours are only for the summer season and will die down later this month.

What I want to know from you guys is do you think it'll be worth it to try to show up even if I'm severely restricted on what time I have atm or should I wait till my hours die down? Thank you for reading and your possible incite.

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You should just RP when you can! You won't ruin it for anyone by showing up to RP, c'mon. It's supposed to be fun.

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Thx for the input Sir Captain Sir

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