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Mocha the Moo

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1Mocha the Moo Empty Mocha the Moo on Tue Jul 26, 2016 10:19 pm

Got convinced to dust cobwebs off a veeeeery old 'un and give him another chance at living. :'D

Name: Mocha
SL Login Name: Ota.Silversten

Age: 21

Languages Spoken: Common, Feral

Gender: Male

Species/Race: Bovine (Bull)

Cutie Mark: The number 29 branded on his right flank, if that counts.

Allegiance/Faction: Neutral

Appearance: A one-eyed brown cow with a body covered in scars - mostly along his blind side. His remaining eye seems pretty dull and he constantly wears a deadpan expression on his face. It's a wonder how someone like him managed to not become raider-bait and live to such an age.

Character Tagged Skills


Character Perks - General

Fluttershy’s Apostle
Jury Rigging

Character Perks - Racial (Earth Pony Template)

Jack of All Apples
Unstoppable Force
Immovable Object

Starting Gear (Maximum of 5 points worth.)

Armor 5, Ranged 0, Melee 0, Special 0

Biography/Brief History

Mocha hails from Stable 29. Originally a multi-species Stable of ponies and mixed farm animals, it became a pony-dominant place when later generations saw the other animals as non-sentient livestock and began treating them as such. By the time the doors opened and released his generation into the wasteland, he happened to be among the “cattle” that stampeded and escaped. Being just a calf at the time and getting separated from the others, the freedom didn’t last long. A pair of wasteland traders managed to capture him and, thinking he was some rare breed of brahmin, put him on sale as a discounted beast of burden.

Though as he traveled with the two mares, they came to understand he was considerably brighter than the average brahmin, and without the mental or physical handicaps...mostly. He still didn’t seem quite all there in the head; but it wasn’t the same as with the two-headed bovines. While they considered it just some odd mutation related to why he didn't have a “twin”, they took advantage of it and started schooling him in their spare time. Unfortunately, not too much stuck. His grasp on Common was broken and just made him confused as far what he knew about the Feral world went too. Enunciation needed a lot of work, as he tended to “moo” through a lot of his speech in either tongue. But he did seem to have a talent in numbers and an eye for detail (literally, an eye. The other was gored by a bull he angered while still a Stable calf - story for another day). Within a few months, he was blowing their minds and those of others bartering with them when piping up about things missed or corrected and accurate price estimates. This became a great skill later in life during a raider attack, he was separated from his adoptive parents. While it's unclear if they were captured, killed or...whatever raiders do, he was left alone with all the goods he'd been carrying. Crazies were more interested in the pretty ponies rather than the loot, go figure. In any case, it left Mocha with a load of things to sell, nowhere to go, and nothing to do. So...he just did what he was taught. Buy things, sell things, survive.

As years progressed, a festering resentment and distrust toward ponies from his calf-hood only grew from further negative interactions. He used them as much as needed to get by in life; but otherwise kept his distance. Such interactions were what lead him to “buying” his mate off slavers, setting her free, and eventually had the two of them considering starting a herd of their own once their daughter was born. Sadly, it wasn’t a goal that was seen through, as months later, the mother became deathly ill and Mocha became a single parent. That was roughly a year ago, and to this day, Mocha still travels about doing what he does best. Just now he does so with Daisy, and his focus has been primarily on seeing his calf grow healthy, happy, and as safe as possible in the wasteland.

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2Mocha the Moo Empty Re: Mocha the Moo on Tue Jul 26, 2016 11:31 pm


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