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Sangria Twist

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1Sangria Twist Empty Sangria Twist on Tue Jul 26, 2016 10:16 pm

Name: Sangria Twist, but was given the name Gaia when she was adopted. She chooses to not go by that.
SL Login Name: Rares (Annabelle Baar)
Age: 21
Languages Spoken: Common, Zebrican
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Earth Pony with Zebra Racials
Cutie Mark (If Applicable): A red wine glass.
Allegiance/Faction (If Applicable): None.
Appearance (Image or short description.): Sangria Twist is a cream colored pony with red wine colored mane and tail. Her mane is usually pin straight and in her eyes, and she's nearly always smirking. Sangria never appears to be armed, and she tends to just hover at the bar she works at. She has a great sense of humor and can usually keep up with the jokes and wisecracks of her patrons.

Character Tagged Skills: Sneak, Survival, Speech.
Character Perks: General: Jury Rigging. That's the Good Stuff. Tastes Good to Me.
Character Perks: Racial: Perfect Dosage. Tribal Traditionalist. Brew Master.
Starting Gear (Maximum of 5 points worth.): T5 Armor, T0 Ranged, T0 Melee, T0 Special

Biography/Brief History: Sangria was not born with her name. She was born to a mother who died within minutes of her birth due to complications. The kind zebra medic and his wife who had stopped to try and help her took the poor filly with them and raised her as their own. They named her Gaia, after the earth. As the filly grew her foster father tried to get her to follow his steps in medicine, but she wasn't interested in fighting or the arts that healed the aftermath of fighting. She took to their language and lore well, and learned a good deal about zebras. Instead of medicine she learned quickly that her happiness and her skill lay in the crafting of food and drink. Her foster father became ill one day, a wasting sickness that killed him. Her foster mother died shortly after him of the same illness. Since Gaia did not become ill she guessed it had to do with some questionable food that they had eaten, but she had not. Despite her love for her foster parents, she did not feel that the name Gaia suited her. When she rolled into a bar asking for a job, she introduced herself as Sangria Twist. She was turned out of the first few bars until she finally found herself a home.

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