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Starshine Bomber

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1Starshine Bomber  Empty Starshine Bomber on Tue Jul 26, 2016 9:22 pm

Name: Starshine Bomber
SL Login Name starshinebomberr
Age 22
Languages Spoken:
Common, Zebrican
Gender; Female
Species/Race: Pegasus

Cutie Mark: Somewhere under a desk

Appearance Starshine Bomber  4cmcbm10

Character Tagged Skills
Big Guns, Explosives, Flight

Character Perks - General
Augmented - Sniperpony - Ghost

Character Perks - Racial
Administrator Access - Maelstrom Mare - Agility (Rank 2)  

Starting Gear (Maximum of 5 points worth.)

Biography/Brief History:

Starshine was born in the Enclave. She escaped it to avoid Military training, she got captured by slavers and made into a slave by them, she used her skills in explosive manipulation to escape, using slave collars and a lot of luck. After her escape, she walked the wasteland until Enclave soldiers captured her, took her to the Enclave Labs, where she got used as an Experiment, testing the first pony version of the Mind Control Helmet. Heavily trained, and brainwashed for the creation of a dormant agent, she got sent back into the Wasteland where she find out what did they do to her.

After 5 years of usage by the Enclave, Starshine finally got rid, with the help of another pony, of the communication and location parts of her helmet, making her disapear from the enclave radars, and unable to be used anymore.

She now travel through the wasteland, solving problems and chassing raiders and slavers.

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2Starshine Bomber  Empty Re: Starshine Bomber on Tue Jul 26, 2016 10:49 pm


Character Approved 7/26/16
Database Updated

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