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A. Fallout Equestria and the Setting [[Incomplete]]

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"War, war never changes," is a tired old phrase that needs no reintroduction. You've heard it a hundred times or more, and that's exactly why you're here.

The setting of Fallout Equestria combines the candy colored horses of Friendship is Magic we so love with the bleak world of Fallout, creating a bitter sweet atmosphere.

You should be no stranger to Fallout Equestria if you're here, you either read the original, and then several other stories, or may have even written your own. But, for the sake of setting proper expectations, I will go into length about the canon and setting for FoE: Journeys.

The point of Journeys it not to be trapped to one area of the known Fallout Equestria universe, as the setting will move as we travel and find adventures in the furthest reaches of the known world, with a place location set up as a 'Traveling Hub'.

A bleak, new world

There were six ministries in all, formed to guarantee the future of equine civilization. Looking around you, it's quite apparent they've failed.

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