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Application - X0-2 Delta

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1 Application - X0-2 Delta Empty Application - X0-2 Delta on Tue Jul 19, 2016 4:30 am

X0-2 Delta

SL Login Name:

200+ (pre-war)

Languages Spoken
Common, Zebrican

None (Was Female)


Appearance - A robotic looking pony that looks more like power armor with two back/side mounted arms with mounted tesla cannon and chainsaw. Hoofjets for flight and green eyes along with flank mounted terminal screens.

Character Tagged Skills
Big Guns, Flight, Melee

Character Perks - General

Language Tutor

Character Perks - Racial

Protocol, Shmotocol
Modular Defenses
Automated Repair systems

Starting Gear

T3 Armor
T1 Melee
T1 Range

Biography/Brief History
X0-2 Delta is not aggressive in general. It is hard to actually anger her, but she will fight for her friends and for those who can not fight for themselves.
X0-2 Delta was created and designed by an unknown creator. Not much is known about her creator, as even x0-2 Delta can't access her own dev files. But what she does know is that he was designed/rebuilt for use in the great war but she never saw action because she wasn't powered on in time, It wasn't until over 200 years later was she turned on by some unknowing scaver. Having a pre-war pony brain in place of standard computing systems she will  if she sees a pony in need will go out to help however she can. She came here to find answers about who and what she is and was.

(Side note, This character is a rebuild/remake of X0-1 Alpha from Diablo Canyon/Roanoak Capital)

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Previous character with gear Approved.
Updating Database 7/19/16

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