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Zero Alurus (Returning Character)

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1Zero Alurus (Returning Character) Empty Zero Alurus (Returning Character) on Tue Jul 19, 2016 4:02 am

Character Name: Zero Alurus

SL Login: ZeroZebra

Age: 25

Languages Spoken: Common, Zebrican

Gender: Male

Species/Race: Zebra

Cutie Mark: Zero Alurus (Returning Character) Zero_s10

Allegiance/Faction: N/A

Appearance:Zero Alurus (Returning Character) 7dedb9356e

Character Tagged Skills: Melee, Sneak, Energy Guns

Character Perks - General: Sniperpony, Grunt, Super Slam

Character Perks - Racial: Disarm, Tribal Traditionalist, Hoof to Hoof.

Gear: Armor: 5 Melee: 5 Ranged: 5 Special: 5

Biography/Brief History: During the great migration from the Capitol Zero elected to stay behind and take up the last convoy party. However, on the day he was finally supposed to leave a massive sandstorm wrecked havoc all across the travel route. Zero, and all those traveling with him vanished. Most of those traveling with Zero showed up eventually, however the zebra hasn't been seen or heard from since. Not a trace of him has been discovered, until recently where a strange merchant wearing similar clothes and driving an old zebra empire marked convoy truck, was spotted a few miles outside Tumbleweed..... Could this be the long lost zebra?

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2Zero Alurus (Returning Character) Empty Re: Zero Alurus (Returning Character) on Tue Jul 19, 2016 9:04 am


Character Approved 7/19/16
Database Updated

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