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Carnelian Bat pony

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1Carnelian Bat pony Empty Carnelian Bat pony on Mon Jul 18, 2016 7:00 pm

Name: Carnelian Eclipsia Wing
SL Login Name: Alushee Essex
Age: 19
Languages Spoken: Common, High Northern
Options: Common, Low Common, Feral, Zebrican, High Northern, Changeling
Gender: Mare
Species/Race: Bat Pony
Note: if your species option is not listed on the perks list, select the closest racial tree.
Cutie Mark Winged Lance
Allegiance/Faction: N/A
Appearance: A small Bat pony Sporting semi fine dress cloths  with  armor plates,  Her head is adorned with a amber Mane fitted with a spiked Hair band. wielding a lance

Character Tagged Skills: Melee, Flight, Sneak
Ability: Slice III
Character Perks - General: Gladiator Pony, Jury Rigging, Hunter-Killer

Character Perks - Racial: Cave Dweller, Lunar Guard, Dental Aid

Starting Gear: Melee 5

Biography/Brief History
Carnelian hails form the Eclipsia Isles far north of the Avarin shores, a small military based kingdom that didn't have much more hoof in the war other then  being hired as Mercenaries since they themselves only had one semi advisory in the east.  During the end of the war most troopers were called back home and the Island sealed it's borders  after the first bombs fell. While they them selves never suffered a hit the trade that kept them flourishing diminished. As Resources became rare many years after the ware, the bat ponies opened their gates to venture the waste lands in search of materials and goods to bring home, sending even their nobility to the hard claws of the wastes.  

This is where Carnelian enters, one of four siblings of the kingdom is Carnealian, the their sister born to the royal court. She unlike her sisters and brother, embraced to style of the lance, where as the house  weapon of choice had  always been the sword. Dispite he difference in weaponry she is the more fearsome of the four. When An opportunity was given t to fight  the desolated monsters and savages fo the wastelands she jumped at the opportunity. This is her story.

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