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Application - Miranda Right

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1 Application - Miranda Right on Mon Jul 11, 2016 11:15 pm

Name (Character): Miranda Right
SL Login NameL: andyscruffs
Age: 28
Languages Spoken: Common
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Pony/Pegasus
Cutie Mark: Hoofcuffs (Dashite brand over it)
Allegiance/Faction (If Applicable): n/a
Character Tagged Skills: Melee, Unarmed, Small Guns
Character Perks - General: Iron Hoof, Nimble Moves, Super Slam
Character Perks - Racial: Fancy Flying, Crash Land, Agility (Rank 2)
Starting Gear: T5 Armor
Biography/Brief History: Miranda Right was always cut out for law-enforcement, and she joined the Enclave just for that! Joining the ranks of the Military Police, she sought to uphold the law within the Enclave. Over her years of service, she's broke up many fights around the bases she's been stationed at, taken part in brandings, and much other more "desk jobs" such as simple paperwork or guard duty. She eventually met a scientist named Cereus who was a botanist while she was stationed over a place called Diablo Canyon. The two began to date and were transferred to a ship over the capitol of Roanoke. Miranda had been given the order to protect Cereus, as she was a scientist and did not have the means of protecting herself. One day while on the ship, she caught some pilot trying to make the moves on her marefriend and she marched right up to him and threatened him with what she could do within her jurisdiction. The pilot stallion didn't take kindly to this and never did get over the power that Miranda had and that she had such a wonderful girlfriend... jealousy. He began to plot on how to remove her from the picture, and after finding that Miranda had recently mouthed off to a higher up, he went right to said officer and told her how Miranda was plotting a strike against the Enclave. With similar gorilla tactics strikes occurring across the Enclave, everyone was on edge. With this sort of accusation, the officer was quick to take action. In short, this led to Miranda being branded for treason and tossed off the clouds where she landed in Rock Bottom, both metaphorically and literally~

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Character Approved 7/13/16
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