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J: Scavenging, Trading, and the Economy

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1J: Scavenging, Trading, and the Economy Empty J: Scavenging, Trading, and the Economy on Wed May 25, 2016 2:02 pm


Scavenging in the Wastelands
In the world of refuse, rust, and decay there's more to find than danger. You'll need to look to find the diamonds in the rough, but, once found, they'll aid you in surviving just a little while longer. Just where do you look, though, to find the valuable loot? Anywhere and everywhere--The bleak Blistering Desert, the Dangerous City of Rock Bottom, and every jump pile along the street. Valuables can be anywhere.

Loot Nodes
There are 2-4 Loot Nodes daily spread out through the wasteland for you to find and collect. Nodes last for 24 hours and can only be clicked once per PLAYER, not per character. If you have an alt character on a separate account, you may not double dip. Nodes can take any appearance and be found in the oddest of places sometimes. Be sure to click anything and everything in your efforts to find them--But watch out, our NPC players might be roaming around, preparing to attack those that unwisely went out to scavenge alone. Worry, not, however, for if you are attacked by NPCs, defeating them has a chance of dropping a Loot Node!

Note: You may not OOCly tell others where nodes are, you may only do so ICly. You may ICly sell node location information for profit. New Loot Nodes are placed out at Noon SLT every day! (Some conditions apply, such as a day off or when the economy is too saturated.)

Nodes will give you an item in a Loot Crate. These loot crates have a special script in them. When rezzed on the ground and clicked they will give you instructions:

  • To redeem your items, you must put all items to be redeemed in a folder containing your SL username and your Character's name and give them to a Database Administrator. (Twiles)niles.cournoyer or (Shadow Bolt)gehn.shadowcry. Thank you.

You may now send your items to Xemos.Shim or Doctorrainbowdash, as they can now handle receipts as well!

Please follow these instructions for your items to be added to your internal inventory!

Caps! Caps! Caps!
The currency of the Wasteland is caps, and sometimes you'll find some while scavenging, completing Missions, or, by having a Steady Job! Using caps, you can purchase items from other players and one of the few NPC merchants played by Administrators and Moderators! Always look for better deals, because most times, trading with players is cheaper! Just be careful carrying too many caps on you, because getting robbed is totally a thing! Of course, there aren't very many safe places to store caps, other than a personal safe or a bank, if such an establishment is available.

Jobs of the Settlement
Sometimes, having a steady job pays--Meagerly, sometimes. It's best to look for what's needed and role-playing that role. You can be a medic and gain payment for doing that, which grants benefits by keeping them alive. You can charge for Rigging or Language Tutoring, you can charge for information or Cooking Chems or Food Items. Look for what sells and do that--Be a Mercenary, or, hell, even become a barber and style manes.

Ponies will pay caps for what helps them, but some jobs have no mechanical benefit, like, moving furniture or cutting manes. For these jobs, providing Roleplay and content for others can grant its own rewards. For fulfilling these jobs, if players won't pay you caps--Submit your RP to a Moderator or Admin for a cap reward. We want YOU to do what interests you and your character, even if it has no base mechanical benefit but would exist in this world.

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