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Magic Tome from a Forbidden Library of the two sisters

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Name (Character) - None, it has accepted many names from various ponies through history.

SL Login Name - Tone Defarge

Age - Easily over 2000 years old

Languages Spoken (You may choose two to start with.) - Common, High Northern, an unknown language buried within it's pages.

Gender - None, it's a book....

Species/Race- Magically infused, sell aware spell book (Unicorn Tree)

Cutie Mark (If Applicable) - None, it is decorated however it's master wishes.

Allegiance/Faction (If Applicable) - None, Neutral

Appearance (Image or short description.) - Brown hardcover tome with golden metal spine and a golden unicorn engraved onto the surface. A gem adorns the eye of the unicorn.

Character Tagged Skills - Magic: Elemental, Thamaturgy, Healing

Character Perks - General - A little Dash , Magic Cannibal (Eats Magic from other creatures), Stalliongrad Roulette

Character Perks - Racial - Advanced Spells, Expert Spells, Powerful Casting
Starting Gear
Armor 5

Biography/Brief History- Well over a thousand years ago a unicorn was born. Like most unicorns from centuries ago, he was born in high class and much was expected of him. As a child he was quickly enrolled into Celestia's school of magic the moment he was able to even conjure up the most basic spark of magic. With excitement in his eyes and the support of his family he was offered a chance to master his abilities and perhaps one day his cutie mark.

As the years went on, his mastery of magic grew and grew..soon he found himself able to create spells, simply using the base properties of other spells and combine them...but this was soon discovered to be abusive as he would create spells that would cause more destruction then actually be of any use...he was of course disciplined for his actions knowingly.

Feeling frustrated and alone in his quest to improve his abilities, he set off into the wilds to discover any method for quick gains. After months of travel he stumbled upon an abandoned temple using his magic he managed to bypass the traps, but after hours of searching the only thing that remained was a Tome...several glyphs all around the chained book made it clear something dark was hidden within it's pages. "This is it...now i can prove myself to Celestia and all the others.." he would mutter under his breath..a sense of madness overtaking his thoughts as he drew closer and closer. "BEWARE" the book would shout. Causing him to stagger back. "It speaks.." he whispered to himself, using his horn to quickly break the seal and remove the book from it's crypt.

Weeks pass after the event, the unicorn would find himself deep in the tombs pages. But suddenly it found blank pages, nothing but empty space. "The power you seek young unicorn...can be manifested deep within your own self." the Tomb would speak out ominously as if giving direction. It didn't take long for the unicorn to understand the meaning behind it's words. "Of course.. my spells... the pages can manifest them to a higher level.." he would realize in excitement. But the unicorn's cutie mark began to haze out slowly as the sleepless nights went on and more and more pages where filled with various 'forbidden' spells.

The town caught on as his family reported that he locked himself away in a tower deep within the everfree forest. Guards where sent in to disarm the unicorn just before he could complete his work, as the guards burst into the room, the book closed itself off. "Beware..." it would whisper out one last time. "Madness, chaos, destruction...death." it would say before falling silent as the unicorn was arrested and the tomb confiscated. Up until 200 years ago the tomb remained in lock up, under close guard of high ranking members of the royal guard and visited regularly by powerful unicorns to ensure the binds remained. But as the walls crumbled during the war, the magic weakened..and it freed itself, roaming around in search of knowledge and perhaps a worthy master.

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