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Character Application: Twig

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1Character Application: Twig Empty Character Application: Twig on Tue Jul 05, 2016 11:32 pm

Name: Twig
SL Login Name: Ellwoodvictorefeige
Age (21)
Languages spoke: Common, Low Common
Gender: M
Species/Race: Unicorn
Cutie Mark: Two Sticks crossed in an X shape on with a small leaf on the side of it.
Allegiance/Faction: None

Main information.
Personality: (Mostly nervous and jittery. Enjoys kid's toys tinkering with them. acts like a kid sometimes when excited.can't look at others in the eye when talking.

Likes gauze, cover and being under things, hiding, reading comics, having candy, cooking.

Dislikes, being captured, being alone for too long, being told what to do all the time, ghouls, slavers, crowds.

Appearance: (A pale grey brown stallion that is rather skinny and looks almost to be starved. he sports a red mane and tail. the mane being tied up into a pony tail to keep hair out of his bread and face. he has a broken horn that he has never gotten fully healed which was originally broken when he was a colt in the slave camp where he grew up.

Character Skills (Unarmed, Sneak, Magic)
Basic Perks:----------------------------------------------------------
Nimble Moves When an enemy misses you in combat, you receive a (+5) hit chance to hit on your next attack.
Fast Metabolism Healing items and spells impact you for (+2) HP more than usual.

A Little Dash (+5) permanent increase to your action point pool.

Racial Perks:----------------------------------------------------------

Jouster (+1) melee damage. Condition: does not stack with Tribal Warrior.

Resilient Horn In the event that you expend all AP, in your next turn you may cast the last spell utilized over again for no cost.

Mighty Spell Receive an additional (3) skill points to be utilized for unlocking items in the magic tree.

List of skills points spent:--------------------------------------------------------

Circle of Protection 3 50 If successful, 5m area effect +1 Armor centered on caster, lasts for two turns.

Healing 5 70 If successful, heal a character for 3HP. Increase the amount healed by 1 for every 2 additional AP spent. Combat only.

Flesh Ward 4 60 If successful, add 5 HP to target for two turns. May be refreshed when it expires for 1 additional AP.

Gear: |T0 Ranged | T2 Armor| T3 Melee, T0 Special.

Once a former slave Twig is trying to get rid of his former habits of being one, his mentor and mother figure was Shady sands that taught him how to cook and fight with little to nothing. she helped him get free while he was younger and he regrets her doing so as he would have wanted to be with her. but after some time he found a town and tried to use his skills to make a living for himself. but a former slave has trouble with that when one has no caps so he had to resort to stealing them from shops rather than the ponies that ran them. Lately he's been on the run form raiders as he decided to follow a caravan which got attacked.

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Character Approved 7/6/16
Database Updated
You do not have enough SP for those spells.

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